Eye makeup and its secrets.

Eye Makeup has always been the most exciting and anxious for a variety of women.Today, many have learned to yourself by playing the correct colors to emphasize the winning qualities of its unique eye.But anyway, there are fashion trends that affect, and this seems to be quite creative and personalized make-up article.And the most important - in the pursuit of fashion trend must not mutilate himself ridiculous by eye the color gamut, as well as a method for applying make-up that you did not face.And so, in this article we offer a brief overview of current trends that are useful for creating your unique image, and we'll talk about new tools for the care of eyelashes, it is unfortunately not so well-known in our country.

According to Western stylists, the main problem of many women to create eye makeup is that they are always, regardless of their age, continue to apply makeup as they used to in their girlhood.To make the eyes was successful, you should listen to some advice.The most common mistake is tha

t the eye make-up is still often used so-called "three-layer coating" shadows, in which the shadow of the darkest colors fall on the upper fold of the century, as well as on the edges of the eyelids, which are almost always narrows the eye slit.Makeup artists recommend makeup for everyday use the following scheme - at the very upper eyelid at the base to put a dark shadow, then the line of brow bone gently down to shade light shade.This in any case is not to overdo it with eyeliner - only a thin line along the base of the upper eyelid - that will make eyelashes thicker visually.Also, do not tweeze too thin eyebrows - eyebrows "thread" - the most terrible scourge of women at forty.In general, the main thing in your everyday makeup - well marked eyebrows (proper running oval face shape) through the shadows of dark gray or light brown tones (in any case not black!) Also, do not forget about applying foundation Makeup - faceand ever.

for eyelashes is recommended not to use too much causing ink and use tweezers to twisting eyelashes can accentuate feminine look.In today's world of beauty it is considered a major natural make-up, aimed at underlining only winning facial features.It is recommended that the use of funds on the basis of prostaglandins, which contain the sea corals (evolash, latiss, kareprost ), influencing the growth of eyelashes.Unfortunately, such facilities in Russia have not reached widespread use, in contrast to Western countries.Their essence consists in the following steps - at regular application once daily drops of solution on the upper eyelid with an applicator in the direction from the outer to the inner edge of the eyelid for 6-8 weeks eyelashes density increase achieved 50% to 25% of the length, color30%.These data have been clinically tested on the example of the American drug company latiss Allegran.In Russia there is an analogue - means to lash Kareprost , action and efficiency of the drug is not inferior to the original, and the price is twice cheaper expense of imports from India (all 1200r per bottle, which is enough for two months of use). Kareprost completely harmless and is used among all age groups of women (except, perhaps, pregnant and lactating).And finally - the main thing in life is not in fact make-up and spring mood, all the more so with the arrival of spring the other simply can not be called!