Thick Teens: causes, consequences and prevention

Childhood obesity implies a chronic metabolic disease, which is accompanied by the rapid postponement of adipose tissue in the body.And, unfortunately, today the thick teenagers and children - is common.

How to obesity?

Obesity any person, especially a child and adolescent development may result in constipation, cholecystitis, arthritis, bulimia, and many other serious diseases.The diagnosis of childhood or adolescent obesity is placed according to the ratio of growth of human body weight and age.On this basis, a special index is calculated.

What is obesity and how it arises?

today are not uncommon thick adolescent girls and boys.It is during puberty when hormones rebuilt, there may be various changes in the body.

If parents do not want their son or daughter was told that he or she - the fattest teenager in school, it is necessary to pay attention to the health of the baby, examine information on obesity, its causes, methods of prevention and controland find out what the consequences might be in the presence of excess weight.

causes of obesity in children and adolescents

emergence of this problem in children and adolescents has polietiologichesky nature because here the important role played by a complex interaction of genetic and environmental aspects.And besides, largely teenagers become so thick as a result of metabolic disorders, triggered by an unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity rely.

known that if both parents are obese is present, the probability of occurrence of such problems in the child more than eighty percent, since it is passed on the genetic background.

today very often thick teens.Reasons for such a physical condition of the child may be not only in the genetic predisposition but also of serious pathological conditions.Recently, it became possible to meet the obesity in children and adolescents with genetic syndromes, endocrinopathies, and in the case of the central nervous system.

Thick teenage girls and boys can become so for the following reasons:

  • of changes at the genetic level.
  • lack of even minimal useful to the body's physical activity.
  • Violation of the digestive system, which also can give such malfunction of the body.
  • hormonal failure on the background of the use of certain drugs.

These reasons are the most common occurrence of obesity in adolescents.

main symptoms of obesity in children

Signs of this condition in children and adolescents may be different, but the main one is to increase the layer of subcutaneous fat.If the child is too small, the initial signs of obesity can be inactivity, the delay in the formation of motor skills, the occurrence of allergic reactions.

If this condition can occur in children excess fat in the abdomen, pelvis, thighs, face and upper limbs, but they are determined depending on the physical characteristics of the child's body.This type of obesity is considered to be elementary since it is the first step.It is slow and becomes noticeable in the event of different changes in the behavior of adolescents.But to get rid of the obesity can be easily and quickly with the help of a special diet and exercise.

main diet of the child should be based on vegetables and fruits.Meat should be selected lean.Fry it does not need, it is better to boil, simmer without oil or bake.Kashi can eat, but without oil.Well, if the child will eat the vegetables fresh.It is necessary to limit the intake of flour products, fatty and fried foods, fast food, sugar.

Secondary obesity in children and adolescents can be caused by a serious illness transferred.

can distinguish the following main symptoms that may be a sign of impending disaster:

  • Increased appetite.
  • The increase in the child's body.
  • rapid increase in weight.
  • Deterioration of the digestive system.

Complications due to obesity in children and adolescents

Thick teenagers and children are at risk.They can appear chronic diseases, which later will be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to cure.These include a variety of hypertension, angina pectoris, diabetes of the second type, and others.

If we consider the complications of the digestive system, most health care workers are observed occurrence of hemorrhoids, constipation, and further can be formed and cirrhosis.And thick teens may suffer not only a variety of failures in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and sleep disorders.

In addition, it is noted and the occurrence of depression, nervous breakdowns private and other disorders.

prevention of obesity in adolescents

In order to prevent obesity in your child, especially if he is inclined to this, the best precaution is a professional prophylaxis.It will help to eliminate all risk factors and organize the work of the digestive system.Remember that prevention should be conducted by specialists in the field of medicine.Taken together with the desire of parents and the child's own desire to achieve this goal will not be so difficult.