How to cook chicken soup multivarka?

Multivarki simply created for soups, but not simple, and diet.You can certainly do and something witty, but believe me, there is nothing more delicious than a light fragrant soup.

The beauty is that chicken soup can be boiled multivarka with virtually no effort and time.All you have to do - is to buy a good chicken, put it in the capacity of "miracle-pot", add water, salt, put your favorite dried roots and herbs, turn on the "quenching" for two or three hours.The time depends on the size of the chicken and your preferences (razvaristee meat than you love, the more time you will need for cooking).Cook chicken soup multivarka "Redmond", "Panasonic", "Tefal" or in any other model can be on the same "scenario".All are equipped with modern copies of identical modes, capable of maintaining the temperature without bringing the broth to a rapid boil.It was in such a state to obtain the best meat broth.

After a specified time, you can safely assume that most basic chicken soup multivarka ready.There is nothing more pleasant and tasty than clear chicken broth with fresh-cut herbs.Just, are elegantly and tasteful.Serve it with garlic bread and boiled meat in beautiful bulonnitsah on a saucer.Chicken soup in multivarka, the recipe of which we will offer you further, entirely based on the previous year.All you have to do - is to add the noodles to the broth.It would be better if you boil it separately.In this case, the color and taste of the broth will remain unchanged, and he - transparent.Chicken soup can be multivarka and vegetables.Simply put, it will be the usual soup with chicken broth.If all the ingredients, including the meat, put in a cup at a time, after a specified time you will have the most delicate vegetable soup.If you wish, you can fry it in a bow and carrot, but believe me - without it tastes delicious.A standard set of potatoes and cabbage can vary tomatoes and bell peppers.The greens will be appropriate in any case.It will be delicious!

Cook chicken soup multivarka possible and richer recipe, using cereals and potatoes.First we need to prepare the onion, carrot, potato and cereal you like.The most popular soup - of course, with rice, but the soup with buckwheat or millet as worthy of respect.The choice is yours.In the "Baking" or "Hot" (depending on model), you must fry the chopped onion and carrot until soft.Then, pour the required amount of broth, put the potatoes and cereals (unless its cooking time is the same as potatoes).Twenty minutes later, almost to the finished dish, add the boiled meat, salt, spices and herbs.Make sure that the soup boil.Then turn off.

Chicken soup is simple in cooking and is pleasant to the taste.Whichever recipe you choose, you will always be an opportunity to diversify its taking into account personal preferences.Do not be afraid to experiment in the kitchen.As a result, you always get a masterpiece!Bon Appetit!