especially revered in the Orthodox Saint George was born and lived at the turn of the third and fourth centuries AD, when the government was emperor Diocletian.The father and mother gave him an excellent education at the time and brought to faith in Christ.As a young man he entered the military service, and has proved it in the best way.Due to its strength, courage and intelligence George was seen by the emperor and became his favorite.Diocletian even awarded him the title of chief captain, not knowing to what faith one belongs.The fact that the emperor was a fanatical fan of the gods of ancient Rome, and tried to impose paganism on all conquered territories.For the Christian faith was tortured and his father George.

when George was 20 years old, his mother died.He became a wealthy heir of his parents and went to the imperial court, hoping to strengthen and elevate their position there.However, after hearing about the terrible persecution of the believers in Christ, their suffering, the persecution, he is so imbued with compassion for them, that gave all that he had, to the poor and came to Diocletian with diatribes.Naturally, the emperor could not tolerate even from his former favorite.George was immediately arrested and severely tortured, during which there was a lot of miracles, it only confirms the correctness and power of faith.For example, when it is already on the hundredth day of his torture began to push the stakes into the prison, one of them broken, as if it was made out of straw.The next day, George was torture bristling with swords and knives wheel.During this test, an angel appeared and greeted him a saint, as befits a warrior.When George was removed from the wheel, they saw that it was not any left wounds.Nothing bad has happened to him in a pit filled with quicklime.Diocletian was not enough evidence, and these miracles, and one day Georgi killed all the bones and the legs, and hands.After running in boots bristling with nails (according to other sources - in boots hot hot), he spent the night in prayer, and in the morning before the emperor appeared unharmed.After beating with whips made of ox-lived, George was again healed.A week later the magician Athanasius prepared two drinks.After drinking the first, George had to go mad, and after the second - to die.Neither one nor the second saint is not damaged.After many trials, he never gave up Christ, not gone over to the Gentiles, for which he was sentenced to death.At night, the martyr was the phenomenon of the Savior promised him Paradise.George told his servant to fix this and record command to bury his body in Palestine.When was the last time it came to Diocletian inviting them to paganism, tortured George expressed his desire to visit the temple of Apollo.There, he made the sign of the cross and statues - and they have failed.This miracle converted to Christianity and the wife of the emperor, for which she was beheaded with the saints.

After his death, George went on to perform miracles.Thus, holy to Christianity drew many pagans, and the Orthodox people to further strengthen it.The most famous of the wonders of Saint George, he committed after death - a killing spear dragon (or snake), when the time came to give at the mercy of the daughter of the king of Beirut.

This saint is venerated not only in Russia but also in many countries around the world.George - the patron, primarily soldiers, as well as shepherds and farmers.In Serbia, for the help he is addressed travelers in Georgia - hunters and herders, the barren woman.They know about it and the Middle East, and some nations in Africa.