Makeup for prom

Every girl at the graduation ball wants to look irresistible and feel like a princess.Here it is necessary to take into account almost everything from the color and style of her dress to make up.First, you should pick up a great outfit and make a stunning hairstyle.After that you can finally begin to create a complete image.

creating the image of a young graduate, you must keep the tenderness and elegance appearance.It is necessary to make sure that the selected makeup suited for hot weather, was able to withstand the tears (and this happens) and match the tone of your skin.Particular emphasis is placed on the lips, eyebrows and, of course, the eyes.Best of all, if your makeup will have a classic look.

rules applying makeup

1. Makeup is always applied after cleansing and lightly moistened skin.You can use the pre-face masks to this important day your face looked just perfect.

2. Of course, before applying make-up, you must first cleanse the skin.To do this, fit lotions, toners, scrubs.

3. Powder is applied to the entire face, including the lips and eyes.

4. Make dark black pencil line for the eyelids.

5. Flat brush for makeup, apply the shade on the upper eyelid.It is desirable to highlight the inner corners belyam color.

6. Mascara is applied to the upper and lower lashes.

7. Now for the lips.In order to remove the dead skin, use scrub.Then apply the oil of cinnamon lips and let it soak in (15 minutes).After the oil has dried, make a light powder bar.

common mistake is too many cosmetics.Dark eyes and bright lips too much add to your age and drown out the natural beauty.The key to creating the perfect make-up and conservation of natural selection is color.Foundations are selected according to skin tone.Blush must not contrast with it.There are, of course, and cunning application of foundation and blush, allowing little to correct flaws and highlight the delicate facial features.

Owners intriguing green eyes are best suited dark gray shadows and purple blush.Delicate blue eyes perfectly harmonize with the shades of brown.Deep brown eyes perfect harmony with plum shades.

Of course, the best pre-several days before a significant event to experiment with shades, choose the appropriate tone of lipstick and shadows.This will avoid the trouble of small and refined to create an image of the princess.