Quentin Tarantino - filmography.

Films of Quentin Tarantino, a list of which will be listed in this article, hit their innovation and originality.The man was able to pass on cinema screens his extraordinary vision of the reality.The talent and prestige of the famous film director, screenwriter and actor recognized worldwide.


Quentin Tarantino, whose filmography has acquired world fame, was born in 1963, March 27, in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.Of His mother, Connie McHugh, nurse, was only sixteen years old when she gave birth to the boy.The mother of Quentin veins flows the blood of Irish immigrants and Cherokee Indians.The father of the famous director - an Italian-American, born in Queens.

Marriage parents Tarantino failed.Connie was a very smart student, graduated from high school at age 15, married early, to gain independence.After parting with her husband girl learned that is pregnant, but did not become to report about this the former spouse.Subsequently, Tarantino never was trying to find his biological father.Name Quentin mother gave him in honor of the heroine of the novel hives Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury."

Early Years Childhood

boy was held in Los Angeles, where he attended high school and took lessons in drama.Here Connie married for the second time musician Kurt intercede.In two and a half years have adopted a boy, Kurt gave the baby his own name.However, at the end of the school Quentin Tarantino once again become - a name more suited to stage career, which has decided to devote himself to the young man.

Connie began to make a career in the field of pharmacology and succeeded in this.Revenues family have grown so much, that Quentin together with their parents moved to the own house.The boy's mother spent all his free time at work, and at this time, Tarantino watched TV and talked with Kurt and his friends.

favorite family vacation was going to the movies.At an early age the future director saw the movie "Deliverance" and "Carnal Knowledge."These paintings in our time is not recommended to watch the audience under 16 years.The most interesting film in childhood Quentin felt tape "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein."

Tarantino did not like going to school.Many items were given to him with difficulty.He knew nothing about arithmetic, barely mastered spelling.He learned to ride a bike only in the fifth grade, read the time - in the sixth.But the boy was interested in history, that it was like a movie, and loved to read.We can say that the future director Quentin Tarantino at a young age went his own way and did not adhere to generally accepted frameworks.


When he was eight years old, his mother married again collapsed.The child started having problems at school.Quentin's mom tried to give his son a good education and sent him to a private Christian school in Narbonne in Harbor City.Tarantino began to skip class.He likes to spend time playing the scenario with toy characters.In 15 years, Connie has allowed the boy to leave school if he gets a job.Quentin became ushers in the theater, where were shown porn.My mother did not know anything about it.Teenager did not receive a large of pleasure from of stimulated viewing of forbidden tapes.These pictures seemed to him nasty and cheap.

Work and education

the evenings Tarantino managed to attend acting classes.To get a job in the movies, a guy in his summary indicated that starred in "King Lear" and "Dawn of the Dead."So he was trying to compensate for lack of experience.However, this simple way to get an invitation to the role of managed infrequently.

In these difficult times, Tarantino was able to meet with his close-minded people.At school he met James Best Craig Heymenna, a writer who, in turn, introduced a Man Catherine James, future manager director during the filming of "Pulp Fiction".When Quentin was 22 years old, he got a job at the point of video "Video Archive".He later recalled with pleasure about the time he had to spend behind the counter at this establishment.Employer Quentin Lance Lawson was friendly.In the face of his colleague, Roger Avary, the young man found a friend and associate.They spent a lot of time talking about what people prefer movies.The rich experience gained in the "Video archive" Quentin Tarantino has used in his future career.At one time, the future director was trying to become a writer.In his films are viewed fictional narrative techniques.

Formation career

on the Hollywood party Quentin met with producer Lawrence Bender, who persuaded him to become a screenwriter.In 1985, Tarantino's to realize this idea and wrote the first scenario, which is called "Captain Pichfuz and anchovies bandit."The next few years, the future celebrity movie studios tried unsuccessfully to sell its first creation.Together with faithful friend Roger Avary, Tarantino began shooting the film "My Best Friend's Birthday."The picture could not finish because of a fire that broke out in the laboratory at the time of installation, but it became the basis for the script to work on the film "True Love."Then Quentin managed to appear on the TV screen in the project "The Golden Girls" where he portrayed Elvis Presley double.

just three weeks, was written the script for the first full tape Tarantino - "Reservoir Dogs."The talented director was ready to start shooting pictures at all times, with a minimum budget.Project scenario promoted interested actor Harvey Keitel, and then the film has received financial support from the «Live Entertainment».

Quentin Tarantino, whose filmography is considered one of the brightest in Hollywood, did violence on the screen one of his cinematic tricks.Yes, some viewers could not withstand viewing «Reservoir Dogs» and went from cinema hall in the midst of a session, but in general picture has received good reviews critics and has collected good cashier.This film was an event in the history of independent American cinema.But the really appreciated the tape only after the success of "Pulp Fiction".Around this same time on the cinema screens came out two paintings on scenarios Tarantino: «Natural Born Killers» Oliver Stone's and "The true love the» Tony Scott's.

Quentin Tarantino.«Pulp Fiction»

"Pulp Fiction" - a movie made famous director.It has become a real phenomenon in the history of Hollywood.It appeared for the first time elements of Tarantino's unique style.It is a violation of the chronology of events, branded conversations on abstract themes that are not related to the main subject of the picture, splitting the film into "chapters", references to pop culture and more.

For many Hollywood actors this tape became fateful."Pulp Fiction" returned to service of Bruce Willis, previously almost released into circulation saved career of John Travolta.Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson immediately went into one of the leading actors were nominated for "Oscar".In addition, the project involved the actors of "Reservoir Dogs" - Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, and Harvey Keitel.

Job with Robert Rodriguez

Quentin Tarantino, filmography of which was would not be complete without a mention of his of joint projects with Robert Rodriguez, always knew how to find like-minded people.Her future other directors met at the Toronto Film Festival.Colleagues quickly found a common language and began to cooperate.Their first joint project "Four Rooms" was cool received by critics, but has served as a breeding ground for further fruitful work.Then, in 1995, Tarantino was involved in a cameo role in the film of Rodriguez 'Desperado'.

Do Quentin remained one more an unrealized the script - a film about the brothers-bandits, trying to to slip away from justice, takers in hostages an entire family and after crossing the the Mexican border renders on the whole night in surrounded by of bloodthirsty vampires.The film "From Dusk Till Dawn" Tarantino had planned to shoot himself.However, the director has given way to his friend - Robert Rodriguez.Quentin himself focused on his acting work in this tape - as a paranoid psychopath Richie Gecko.Painting with George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, and if anyone is not known Salma Hayek became a cult, and won the audience on both sides of the Atlantic.

Movies "Jackie Brown" and "Kill Bill»

Quentin Tarantino, whose filmography is replete with all sorts of fighters, took the tape "Jackie Brown."The famous film director filmed his favorite novel "Rum Punch" written by Elmore Leonard.Starring Pam Grier, movie star 70s.However, the picture remains unnoticed.Accustomed to with a loud the successes of film director at the time of virtually resigned from the a movie and focused on producing of sequels for the film "From Dusk Till Dawn» and the game in minor films.

Return to a great movie by Quentin Tarantino took place six years later, in 2003, together with access to cinema screens the bloody thriller "Kill Bill."The script was written by the director together with Uma Thurman.Filming was delayed because of the pregnancy of the actress.The film reflected the passions Tarantino different cinematic genres: spaghetti western, samurai movies, Italian thriller.In the second part of "Kill Bill" Quentin used the music of Robert Rodriguez, to pay him a symbolic fee - one dollar.A year later, the debt has been repaid.Tarantino for the same amount took a small episode in the movie "Sin City."

New works

New films Quentin Tarantino have had not less success.Now the director has decided to delve into the history of the world and the most interesting film its pages.On his plans to make a film "Inglorious Bastards," Quentin mentioned in 2001.However, production of paintings for several years has been postponed.Press release tape was held only in 2009.

Directed by suggested to his the viewer an alternative variant the Second World War, outplaying settled stereotypes.For example, among the heroes of the movie - the American Jews, brutally killing Nazis and shoot with their scalps.In different countries the film has acquired a diverse public outcry.Tarantino himself was struck by the reaction of the audience in Israel.In 2011, it was announced about the beginning of the creation of the painting "Django Unchained."Jamie Foxx - an actor, playing the role of Django.Quentin Tarantino said he wanted to explore the ugly pages of American history.In particular, related to Slavery.For the creation of the script for this film celebrity he received the "Golden Globe" and the statuette "Oscar".


best films of Quentin Tarantino received various prizes.A total of 37 big-name director has received awards and has participated in 47 nominations.His name stands on the 12 place in the list the best directors all times and peoples under the version of of the journal «Total Film» 2007.In the same year the director was rated "100 geniuses of our time."A six films Tarantino included in the list of "100 best movies of all time."