Actors "Love in the City".

«Love in the City" - an amazing comedy consisting of three parts.It can watch again and again, going back to her forever.All subjects complement each other and create a multi-faceted, multi-pronged web.Skill writer and director, twists and turns of the plot, subtle seasoning of good humor and, of course, actors."Love in the City" may well not have had such an overwhelming success, if not a dazzling fireworks display of star who agreed to star in the film.

film "Love in the City": features

plot The plot is simple.It is based on the life story of a modern young people.They live in the capital of America, and to earn a living.Three friends - Artem, Ola and Igor - accustomed to nothing to deny yourself, go to clubs, they often arrange stag.Behind each of these stretches trail conquered girls, they never considered as a life partner.They do not need love, they need light or non-committal attitude for one night.But one day at a noisy party in the club, they hear from the lips of the wise toast Valentine pronounced specially in their honor: "Let that what you drink, it would be impossible without that, for what I saw."And the lives of three characters changes radically: they can no longer easily and naturally acquainted with the girls and spend the night with them.They need love.Only then will they again experience all the pleasures of life.


As you know, any movie "make" actors."Love in the City" is no exception.Even the most bad script can pull brilliant game of these litsedeev of art.Conversely, even if the script three times deserves all kinds of awards, mediocre acting group is able to bring all its advantages to zero.It is important charisma, individual aura, skill and talent.

So, who plays in the «Love in a big city»?

say immediately cast crept unusually harmonious.How to argue the participants themselves of the film, between them and the behind the scenes reign friendly relations.They often call back there.Maybe that's why the film is impregnated with a warm atmosphere that is transmitted viewer, forcing in a kind smile and causing a desire to return to watching again and again.Here they are, the actors."Love in the City" reveals their hidden talents.

Artem (Alex Chadov)

Artem - the only one of his friends, who had already managed to start a family.He worked as a guide, showing visitors the beauty of New York.Family life for him - an empty sound.The bond of marriage does not interfere with Artem make new girlfriends and change his wife.His plays a Alexei Chadov.It is said the actor during the filming was easy and simple, perfect co-star feel and understand each other perfectly.

Igor (Vladimir Zelensky)

Igor - the son of a wealthy father, but he prefers to work.He is a dentist.With girls often meets on the job.Former member of the KVN, in the film he creates humorous situations from nothing.Hero Vladimir Zelensky is sympathetic.Besides, it was his first starring role in a feature film.Prior to this Vladimir only played in small of television musicals.

Sauna (Ville Haapasalo)

Ole, friends affectionately call him a sauna, a Russian Finn.He works in the fitness center.Externally similar to pitching, but in fact vulnerable, gentle, who can not even stand up for themselves.Most of all it reminds ingenuous Russian guy, naïve and cute.Role of Saunas takes the Ville Haapasalo.The producer claims that the villa - the most disciplined of all the actor who starred in this film.

Katya (Vera Brezhneva)

Smiling hohlushka Katya - the wife Artema.She was tired from the constant infidelities of her husband and decided to leave him.How many women's wisdom, compassion and sensitivity in her actions.In the picture is removed former soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhneva.

Nastya (Svetlana Khodchenkova)

Sexologist Nastya of duty returns to men of power.In her free time, she - an ordinary girl, who also falls in love, waits for romance and dreams of women's happiness.That's it for consultation comes Igor.The novel begins.Her role masterfully performed Hodchenkova Svetlana, amazing actress, which opened the doors of Hollywood itself.

Alice (Anastasia Zadorozhna)

fragile, feminine Alice deals not feminine sport.It works with Sauna a fitness center, a boxing trainer.Between colleagues are good, friendly relations.Identify problems Saunas, Alice helps him find the girl.But life manages somehow ... as Alice lifted Nastya Zadorozhnaya.Prior to that, she became known to viewers from the TV series "The Club".

Valentine (Philip)

there in the film and mysterious character who has magical powers.Himself he doth Valentin Bedrosovich or simply Valentine.It was after his words the characters can no longer live as before.Role of Valentina was given to Philip Kirkorov.He was not a professional actor, but on the court were amazed by its data and how masterfully he coped with the tasks.

second part romantic comedy

Continuation of the film takes us to Thailand - a country of eternal smiles.Igor comes a group of friends at the ranch to his father.His goal - to acquaint parents with Nastya.On the road, friends meet American family that goes to the famous monastery in Thailand.There is an idol.Touching the relic bestows fatherhood.But none of my friends is ready to to be a dad.Then again, the cause is taken St. Valentine.He puts another spell - his father will be just one of the guys.The rest will be able to have a baby in just 10 years.

In the film, playing the same actors.«Love in a big city-2» continues to reveal the their characters.But in the episodes involved and new stars.For example, in the image of Leonid Yarmolnik parent Igor.He says the actor, he played the role of an agent provocateur in the guise of caring father.

film "Love in the City 3»

eve of the New 2014 came the final part of the trilogy.It is based on the echoes of the eternal conflict - fathers and children.Wives go on vacation, leaving the tough men with small children on the farm.And here was not without wizard Valentine.He fulfills the desire to friends see next to a adult children.They become adults, but it does not save the heroes.All the twists and turns of fate vividly and realistically experienced actors ... "Love and the City 3" finally convinces us of their talents.

Summing up ...

film Marius Weisberg won a huge audience of spectators.In many ways, this contributed to the actors."Love in the City" for someone to become a high point, someone has helped hone his talent.In the film, a lot of significant episodes.For their surveys were also invited famous actors."Love in the City" gave us an appointment with Lisa Arzamasova (younger sister Anastasia, the nature of which is no different from the character in "Father's Daughter"), with Alika Smekhova (neighbor Artem and Katie), Sharon Stone (actress fell in loveSaint Valentine).

romantic comedy, despite its playfulness and humor, makes us think about eternal values ​​of life, to appreciate what we have and take with gratitude what we give fate.