Eva Green: Filmography and role

French actress Eva Green (Eva Gael Greene), was born on 5 July 1980 in Paris.Her family is (in the words of the Green) was moderately bourgeois father - Walter Green, a Swedish-born Frenchman, a dentist, his mother - Marlene Jobert, a philologist, a specialist in children's literature.Eve received her education at the American University in Paris at the department of of the English language.However, the future of women defined after it the age of 14 saw the film Fran├žois Truffaut "History of Adele G" with Isabelle Adjani in the main role.Young Eva Green growth and external data which is fully in line with the "star" parameters, decided to become an actress.

first films

first steps in his artistic career, Green has done in the theater and her film debut took place only in 2003 in the movie "The Dreamers," directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.Eva Green, whose filmography has been waiting for his first films, played a major role in student Isabel.The plot revolves around sexual experiments three young men.The next film, which was attended by Eva Green, was a historical epic called "Kingdom of Heaven" directed by American director Ridley Scott.This picture made the popular young actress.And after the movie release Martin Campbell "Casino Royale" with the agent 007 (the role of the next girlfriend James Bond) the actress Greene has become a truly the well-known.His career Eva Green, whose filmography already contained a few pictures, went to Hollywood.

"The Golden Compass"

One of the most interesting works of Eva Green has become a fantastic fairy tale "The Golden Compass," in which she played the witch Seraphina Pekkala, the ruling northern skies.The role has been linked to the Mission on the ground, preventing the participation of alternates, since it removes enough close-ups.And since Eve was afraid of heights, it is constantly shaking with fear, but the whole film was a success and even won the "Oscar" for best visual effects.In the same year Eve nearly won the role in the film "Family Secrets", but her first to the French actress - Cecile de France.

first failure

More from the same movie called "Antichrist" Eva Green, whose filmography is no longer needed in the paintings of the average level, she refused because of disagreements with director Lars von Trier.In 2009, she played the role of the mentally unstable girl Emilia.Picture upeha had no critic Derek Elli explained the failure of the film so that Eve failed to convincingly play a split personality of the heroine.Then the actress took part in the historical TV series "Camelot," where she played the role of Morgana, sister of Arthur.

Controversial actress role

2009 film "Cracks" directed by Jordan Scott, where Eva acted as a young teacher, Miss Gee, has added popular actress, but gave her the opportunity to feel the depth of the actor's art.Then, in 2010, he took a picture, "Womb", filmed in 2010 by Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf in which Eva Green starred Rebecca that caused ambiguous criticism.Opinions were divided film critics, some have argued that the film's plot is quite logical, others said that the plot of the picture is too far-fetched and fantastic.The next film starring Eva Green named "Perfect Sense" was filmed in 2011 by Scottish director David Mackenzie.Fantastic the plot is not was producing impressions, and the picture fell through.

Johnny Depp

In the same 2011 Eva Green, filmography which has already included two fairy-tale?, Has once again become a witch, having received role of Angelica Bouchard in a tragic comedy "Gloomy the shadow of".On set site the actress first met with Johnny Depp, who at that time has already been a recognized star of Hollywood.Obvious signs of the love of the alliance between him and Eve, no one noticed, but there were rumors about it.Besides Johnny Depp soon divorced Vanessa Paradis.

Personal life

Personal life Eve's Greene differed constancy, back in 2004 she has got acquainted on film shootings "The kingdom of heaven" with Marton Csokas, the constant participant of of films in the style of fantasy football.Their relationship lasted for five years, until 2009, when the happy couple broke up.From time to time the actress Eva Green complains in his interview itself, they say, she is cold and unapproachable in relationships with others, and became an actress to be able to wear a mask in certain situations.Sometimes nostalgic for the theater actress, she is convinced that only on stage genuine transformation can occur.And the movie is too opportunistic, initiative and creative impulses of actors destroys the embryo.

Eva Green Hollywood

About Eva Green Hollywood responds as overly influential structure in which there is no place to art.Directed carry out the order, the actors do what they ordered, and all kinoimperiey ruled by His Majesty the box office.Nevertheless, personal achievements are impressive actress, according to the magazine Empire, Eva Green is recognized as the sixth in the ranking of "The sexiest movie star of all time", and in 2011, the actress won the 18th place in the list of "most beautiful women movies."Movies Eva Green are popular mainly because of the beautiful appearance of the actress.