Actors "Spy Kids": immediate success and complete oblivion?

Back in 2001 the film "Spy Kids" fired rapidly, like a rocket, collect a huge fan base around the world.Adventures invincible little family in the style of James Bond few people indifferent, and times when this movie endlessly on TV, remember, most moviegoers.

genius talent or a complete failure?

¬ęSpy Kids" - this is exactly the kind of movie that the whole family can watch without worrying about the availability of explicit scenes or images of excessive cruelty.Here there is a good sense of humor and an interesting plot, and stunning special effects for its time, and talented actors.Children spy in the film played Daryl Sabara and Alexa PenaVega.They both predicted a successful acting career, but unfortunately, everything turned out not too successfully.All the advantages of the "Spy Kids", however, did not prevent the world forget about the films, particularly against the background of all the modern innovations of film distribution.That film career Daryl and Alex is not too worked.

that life does not seem raspberries

It all started with the fact that the actors "Spy Kids", has noticed a huge success of the first film, immediately agreed to take part in the filming of the next parts.They are out of luck - the third and fourth parts are not set so that one of them grabbed even the "Golden Raspberry".Movies are not saved even fashionable nowadays format 3D.This "prestige" took the prize with dignity Sylvester Stallone, but the shadow of "Raspberry" quietly lay down on the entire franchise.The big problem in Hollywood is not considered, therefore neither Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino none of the prestige of his acting is not lost.But the young actors at the dawn of a career, Daryl and Alex, had a hard time.Young actors "Spy Kids" were interrupted by low-budget series and tried their best, but lucky star seemed specifically avoided their tenth road.Alex PenaVega, then a simple Vega, while even called one of the most attractive young actresses in the world, but further talks did not get.Young talents become "stars of the film," and almost glows longer in any large project.So, how much out of luck to each of them?

series series strife

Actors "Spy Kids" could go far, if not firmly protracted quagmire of their series.Alex PenaVega lucky with the project a little more than her on-screen brother.Throughout her career she managed to star in 75 films, the most successful and its projects can be called "The Genetic Opera" and "Machete Kills".Sensing an actress seriously viewers have not learned.Now Alexa career seemingly came up, and the actress is removed in several fairly large films.

in franchise "Spy Kids" and the role of the actors were not too serious, and certainly were not dramatic, but now Alex shows himself in thrillers ("resident", "stay"), and even dramas (23 Blast).To think ahead and put on the cross of the young actress would be silly, because she was only 25 years old, and all of its major roles is yet to come.In the cinema there is a perception that the real acting talent wakes up only after 30 when the experience already tells himself, with some shade or tone of voice is better to read his monologue.Getting out of the serial swamp PenaVega still shows Jennifer Lawrence, who really deserves the award "Oscar".

best course ahead

Despite the runaway success of the film "Spy Kids", the actors have grown, but still considered to be all the same, "the children Banderas and Gugino" from the movie of the early 21st century.Daryl Sabara viewers still perceive as funny ginger boy, the son of Antonio screen.Despite this, the actor starred in the 68 motion pictures, despite the fact that he was still not even 25 years old.Daryl fortunate light up in "John Carter": although it has completely closed a Taylor Kitsch, who played a major role, the ex-spy got quite an important and prominent role.Perhaps it was after this picture the young actor's career starts to gain momentum.

Judging by the impressive filmography, cast film "Spy Kids" is very hard-working and talented, so they may hope for personal star on the Walk of Fame.Not everyone is lucky as well as Dakota Fanning, broke into a great movie in the shockingly young age.As is well known, "not easily pull the fish out of the pond," and this motto certainly help in career and Daryl, and Alex.