What is the best foundation

Every girl dreams of a smooth and beautiful skin.If by nature you do not have this beauty, that in this situation you will help magic concealer.Although you surely know, that the pimples it is necessary not mask the, as well to treat.Sometimes there are situations when it is indispensable, it is - a kind of magic wand.

Now you can tell which is the best foundation for you, but that is not suitable.Let's start with the fact that they are different species.So, for use on dry skin, you need a cream with moisturizing effect.And here for oily come in handy agent with matirujushchim effect.There is also a cream, avoid the wrinkles due to their constituent particles of silicone.Using this type of tonal resources, you will look younger.What foundation is best for use on your face, choose from these data.

creams are divided among themselves not only in the types of effects that they have, but they also differ in structure.They come in liquid and dense.Tone liquid structure can be used for applying makeup to any skin type, whereas too thick oily cream are not suitable.

Now we can start choosing your desired shade.What is the basis of the best tones will look on your face, it depends on the correct choice.Color cream should be selected based on the natural color of their skin, but he did not have a hair's breadth to repeat it.Compare the color of the background with the color of the face on the wrist - a variant of the wrong, because the skin on the face darker.The best option - is to come to the store without makeup and try all kinds of tonal creams using probes.You can also apply a little money on the skin behind the ear.However, the previous version more faithful, and see you on this site a person will not be too comfortable.What a good foundation, you would not have chosen, you can not go wrong with the color, otherwise the efforts will be in vain.

Consider all the detail on the example of several brands.That's when you are able to determine exactly what kind of foundation is the best.

basis Loreal Infaillible.This foundation of the company Loreal.This means a high content of special pigments, due to which it is applied evenly and perfectly evens skin tone.Able to hide fatigue and maintain a perfect complexion for a long time.

Tone Cream Loreal true match.This is a product of the same campaign.According to the description of the manufacturers and suppliers, he thoroughly evens out your skin and delicately conceals all the unwanted aspects.Has the ability to make the skin soft and velvety, and make-up - a perfect and flawless.

Tone Cream Chanel Vitalumiere.This foundation of the famous campaign of Chanel.This cream has a delicate and pleasant aroma.It also has an airy and delicate texture.The texture of this tool is so easy that it can be applied with your eyes closed.The more that a substance that has a part of the foundation, perfectly masks the small wrinkles and minor skin imperfections.

new development from the well-known company LastingPerformance MaxFactor.This tonal basis, having superstoykostyu.The color of the face and feeling are no less fresh than they were before applying makeup.It does not clog pores and is not an irritant for sensitive skin.

Xperience Weightless Foundation of the professional company MaxFactor - this foundation with a sense of weightlessness and provide ease to the skin.When using this tool, the skin will look gorgeous and flawless.

Here are some examples of tonal foundations of famous brands.And you have to decide what is the best foundation for your face and skin type.Be beautiful and healthy!