How to deal with cockroaches in the flat folk remedies?

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You have bred cockroaches in an apartment?You do not know how to deal with them?Most read our article "How to deal with cockroaches in the apartment folk remedies"!

Introduction In this article we will not focus your attention on professional products of cockroaches that are sold in specialty stores.Here we are interested in the people's struggle against these pests.So, here are some "recipes", time-tested.

how to effectively deal with cockroaches at home?

  1. best friends from the "red bandits" is known to all boric acid.Mix 40 grams of poison with egg yolk.Make balls of the mixture and place them in the most crowded places of cockroaches.
  2. 20 grams of flour mixed with 20 grams of boric acid, pour 80 grams of boiling water and bring to a boil.When the poison a little cool, apply it with a brush on the places where cockroaches aktivnichal often.
  3. Add 20 grams of the same boric acid to the hot mashed potatoes (100 gr.).Fill it's 5 grams of sunflower oil.Obtained by the papers poison Sort, spreading them flat in places where cockroaches are most active.
  4. How to deal with cockroaches home yet?Very simple!Soak bread slices with a special solution derived from boric acid (1 teaspoon) and water (1 cup).It's just a killer, "treat" for the cockroaches!
  5. Did you know that one of the favorite places is the cockroach rubber gaskets on the refrigerator door?To drive out insects, defrost the refrigerator, clean it, and then wipe the pads of boric ointment (5%).After that, you will never see these nasty creatures in the refrigerator.

Note that any recipe, which appears boric acid, copes with the problem of how to deal with cockroaches in the apartment.From these people's "recipe" red pests die in about a week.Remember that this poison is absolutely not harmful to humans.

How to deal with cockroaches in the apartment other folk remedies?

  1. Take a half-liter jar (suit and 1 liter) and make her cockroach trap.Throat banks from the inner side is smeared with Vaseline and put into a piece of freshly baked bread - the most favorite delicacies cockroaches.Red parasites will be collected in a jar, but the back will not be able to get out.
  2. There is not really a standard way of how to deal with cockroaches in the apartment.This is proven by centuries frost!Yes, my friends, that's what!Even in the times of Ancient Rus residents of different villages destroyed cockroaches polls this simple-trivial way.So we fight the "red bandits" with the cold: Wait for the window snaps bitter cold, and then open all the windows and doors open.Parasites will die instantly!It should be noted that some of the insects are killed at 5 degrees Celsius.If the ambient temperature has become negative - cockroaches will die within minutes.