The baptism of the child.

baptism of a child - is a rite (or sacrament), which allows the newborn to the church and to God.During this action a person endowed with the grace of God that allows to grow spiritually, to love his fellow man and God, and the human body since then become the Temple of God.Baptism - is the beginning of spiritual life, it only happens once in a lifetime.During the sacrament of the child receives the "seed faith" that throughout his life he needed to develop and cultivate.

rite held at the request of parents and godparents.It is important that the baptism was performed with faith in God, because it is the spiritual mother and father will carry the Christian education of the kid.

may not be godparents monks people own father and mother, wife and young people who are under 13 years old.

How to prepare for the ceremony?

In some temples, before conducting the baptism of the child, parents should visit a training conversation.By the rite need to prepare for the baby pectoral cross, baptismal white shirt, candles and towel.Typically, the cross and the icon of the guardian angel of a child give his godfather.It is recommended to pass the sacrament of confession and sacrament.

baptism of the child.

This action is the same as it once John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ.The episode described in the Gospel.Baptism is threefold immersion in water, the baby, or else, because of lack of opportunities dipping, pouring holy water on the child with the pronunciation of prayers.

Earlier baptized infants 7 days after birth.Now it is also possible, and even necessary, especially if the baby has some health problems.But it should be remembered that the mother giving birth to a 40-day period is not recommended to go to the temple.In this case, it may wait in the vestibule, and the ritual will take place at the hands of his father, or godparents.

During the churching supposed to bring the boy to the altar by the south (ponomarskie) door, bowing with him the throne, to carry through the mountainous regions, and then pass, passing the northern gate.Girls bring to the altar is not accepted.The child is then applied to the Mother of God and the Savior, located on the iconostasis and transferred to the pulpit.After that, his father commits to a priest and three bow pulpit and takes her child in her arms.

name at baptism

This issue needs to think in advance.Baptize the child can be under any name.However, in the Orthodox Church has long been called the baby baptized in honor of one of the saints mentioned in the calendar.If the name by which he called the child is not made public the list of canonized sinless, we can baptize a child during the ceremony as one of God's styled saints.Or choose a saint whose day is the date of birth.Baptismal name stays with a person for life, that it is indicated in the notes on the commemoration, and with it the person involved in the ceremonies.

Prior to the 7 years of age, only parents have the right to consent to a sacrament, because it is their responsibility to God for the baby.From 7 to 14 years of baptism is performed with the consent of the parents and the child.And with 14 years, parents have no right to prohibit or to insist on the ritual.

Sacrament can take place any day.Some believe that the baptism of a child in a leap year is undesirable.However, this prejudice.Perform the ritual can be on any day of any year.There is also a version that the baptism of the child in the post is not acceptable.Perhaps this view is because during fasting often in church services are held.So baptize the child in the holiday is not possible because of the heavy workload of the priest.In this case, you must specify in advance the time of the temple rite of baptism.