How to make yogurt in multivarka, simple recipes

In recent years become increasingly popular Multivarki.For many housewives got an assistant in the kitchen, and did not regret it, because it can cook everything, not taking in little or no participation.Preparation of yoghurt multivarka was no exception.Some models of the kitchen gadgets even have a function with the same name.

Natural yoghurt plays one of the most important roles in the organization and proper nutrition.Daily use of it enhances immunity, enriches the body of calcium and protein, which are necessary for building cells.Natural yoghurt is irreplaceable for those people who are watching their figures.

How to make yogurt in multivarka?It's very simple!Especially if you have the most treasured is a button with automatic cooking.For example, yogurt Multivarki "Redmond" is prepared as follows: the milk and starter culture jar was brought to room temperature, mixed together, then added sugar, cups and laid on them in the send multivarku.After starting the auto program will begin the process of milk fermentation, resulting in 6-8 hours to get home-made yogurt.

If the device does not have such a regime, the question of how to make yogurt in multivarka becomes more urgent.But do not worry, there is a way out of this situation.The cooking process is carried out in the mode of "Cooking", "A couple", "heating".Each mode has its own peculiar to a certain temperature, therefore the preparation time of the final product will be different.If you have a function "Multipovar 'task is made easier becauseHere you can choose the time and temperature that will match the recipe.

How to make yogurt in multivarka knows not every hostess.And those who know still do not always get the desired result.Clumps, flakes, excess serum and non-uniform structure of dairy products - all this degrades the final result and makes you wonder: what went wrong?Here are a few reasons why yogurt can be unsuccessful:

  • significant role played by the quality of milk, some manufacturers save on its manufacture, adding the dry analogue or just water.
  • use in the preparation of boiled milk.
  • plays an important role and the quality of leaven.Usually I have to try several types.

Many people wonder how to make yogurt in multivarka with additives, because not everyone likes a sour-milk delicacy (especially children).To make a more varied taste, you can add natural juice of your choice or cocoa.To prepare the yogurt with fruit pieces crushed fruit is added to the finished product.Some like it in yogurt nuts, pieces of dried fruit, coconut - a matter of taste and personal preference.

If your multivarka no mode "Yogurt" in a bowl of water is added necessarily jars.Since the cooking process rather long - 6-8 hours, it is very convenient to leave the appliance to work at night.In this case, you will always be prepared fresh useful product for a full breakfast.