Praying in Lent: there are features

When a person is just beginning to pray regularly, he likes it, and he's elated.This is where the danger lies in wait for him.The first - to begin to be proud of themselves and consider themselves worthy of some special feelings and visions.Second - tired to perform the prayer work and quit your new habit.Many are beginning to pray regularly, when they first go to confession.And try to confess during Lent, often Lent.Is there a particular prayer at this time.What should be the prayer during Lent?And you need to know about prayer at all?

First, if you know the importance of prayer execution rules, then you have little responsibility for each of your existing knowledge.And when you consciously give up prayer, it would be a sin, which, of course, you need to practice.It is necessary to turn to God daily.Prayer during Lent - a special, because these days the faithful enter into the spirit of repentance and trying to read all the prayers of the rules, even if they normally do not read each.Remember this and you.

Second, remember that prayer can and must be, at any time, for any job.To this end, the fathers recommend the Jesus Prayer.It does not distract from work and, at the same time, according to believers, unable to work better and more often an accident is on the side of prayer.

Third, do not look for any special effects from prayer, such as euphoria, mood improvement, delight.The holy fathers wrote that all the excess is from demons.Inexperienced person the enemies of God can bring to a psychiatric hospital, so be careful.

Fourth, you need to be aware of during the prayer, as your achievements are modest.Even the fact that we used to take his absolute merit, God has given us.But the sins of all - our, and it reflects the correct prayer during Lent.

At this time, you want to carefully analyze their thoughts and actions, also need to be attentive to the motives that govern us.Man often unable to live right because he is afraid to admit that he is weak and has already done a lot wrong.The man is afraid of unforgiveness.But the Lord is merciful and after confession you will feel like a heavy stone rolled from his shoulders.

world becomes flattened, wrong without meeting God.But this meeting - prayer.Christian constantly meets with God in this way.First, when the sounds baptismal prayer, at the end of his ways, and burial service also read the prayers.

Researchers at Boston University have found that people tend to look at all the events and manifestations of the things higher meaning.At the heart of every birth there is space for the faith, which can be filled with any religious beliefs.Only atheism in the shower normally developing child is not in place.Then come to the place of faith, superstition and mysticism.

Why does God need our love?Because it's the only thing we can do to give or not to give it.Everything else in his hands.If it is his will - he can take away all the wealth, glory and honor.On the court we go to him with a report only for their deeds, more than any of the material world, we can not take.

Prayer to the Mother of God helps the often extreme and desperate situations.Why is this happening?Because the Virgin Mary - this is the good nature of our world, it intercessor of all Christians and bring them to the prayer of God.The trouble to her prayer works miracles.It is sometimes the sick children, her mother called orphans.So if you need a special intercession - address it to her.

Prayer during Lent should be supplemented in addition to the mandatory rules of reading and a greater number of chapters of the Gospel than usual.V people avoid entertainment, so there is time to read spiritual literature.Instead of having to turn on the TV, open a book Eternal -Evangelie.A rule to add the prayer of St..Ephrem the Syrian.