Signs of fate: the value of moles on the face

long been known that a mole on the body are the carriers of certain information, distinctive signs of destiny.To understand what these signs are reported, you need to pay attention to the shape and location of the moles on your body.For example, a mole correct form, in most cases, round, considered a good sign, while the angular moles - a sign of poor.The degree of influence on the fate of moles a person says and their size.In addition, important color moles Choose her hairs.So, the darker the mole, the worse interpretation.And the presence of her hair could talk about financial challenges that will face the owner of such a mark in life.Perhaps the biggest variety of different values ​​of moles on his face.Everything depends on what part of the face and on which side they are.


values ​​of moles on your face if they are located in the middle of the forehead - numerous victories on the love front.A woman with such mark is always surrounded by a sea of ​​fans.If fate is a sign on the forehead on the left, it shows a weak character and extravagance of its owner.If the right - the high intellect of man and that in his life he will have to travel a lot.


values ​​of moles on the face around the eyes are also quite different.For example, a mole on the left eyelid talking about diplomacy, a good memory and some earthiness of their owner, and on the right - about the choice of intellectual profession.The sign under his left eye says that family life is not all smooth, whereas under the right, on the contrary, evidence of marital fidelity, generosity and sensuality of nature.Markings at the inner corner of the eye suggest irritability, such a person, as a rule, is passionate, but extremely jealous.If the birthmark is on the outer corner of the eye, the man is humble and has a calm disposition.


Moles eyebrows considered a sign of a long and happy marriage.However, the fate of the sign on the right eyebrow speaks of an early successful marriage, while on the left - a late or celibacy.Birthmark above his eyebrow reports entrepreneurial spirit and vigor of the owner.


values ​​of moles on the face located on the cheeks, are very favorable.Usually, this is a sign of a happy married life.In addition, a mole on his left cheek reports that its owner will not be in misery in life.If the sign is on the right cheek, he points to the holder of a great talent, a good memory and natural charm.The birthmark on his cheek notify oratorical ability and determination of man.


considered lucky sign and a mole on his nose.The owner of such a mark in life are lucky enough, it is usually a sociable person.Birthmark on the bridge reports the creative inclinations, under the nose - to the pleasures of love and independence, on the wings of the nose - a passionate nature.It was only a mole on the tip of the nose suggests drawn to everything forbidden and complex love relationships.


Meaning of moles on the lip - sensuality and easy character.But the sign on the red border of lips indicates irresponsibility and weakness of the holder, on the upper lip - a powerful character and cruelty, and under the bottom - of poor health and fragile psyche.

Moles on the face of men

But not only women are interested in the interpretation of moles on his face.Representatives of the stronger sex, such signs can also be a lot to tell.Meaning of moles on the face of men have some differences.For example, a mole on the chin at the man announces oppressiveness and aggressiveness of Command of the owner.In more favorable circumstances, such a person can be purposeful.Birthmark in the center of the forehead says that a man is likely to Lovelace, and the right - promises happiness and glory.The sign on the right cheek indicates a gifted and extraordinary personality.Birthmark at the man on the ears promises carefree life.Otherwise, the value of moles on the face of men and women alike.