How to order a prophetic dream

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Probably each of us at least once in his life seen a prophetic dream.Someone at school had a dream on the eve of the control solution to the problem, someone knew exactly what a ticket will get on the exam.Well, someone sleep with precision predicted troubles that soon happened to loved ones.Why is this happening?There is a perception that our planet is surrounded by a sheath of energy, which, like a computer database, the information is stored.But, unlike a computer, the envelope contains information not only about the past and the present, but also about the future.The soul of a man in a dream travels to the lower layers of the astral shell of the Earth, where it reads.

believed that prophetic dreams are divided into different categories.The first category includes the dreams which prompt us to solve any problem.However, if the problem entirely absorbs us, then we dream can not be disconnected from it.And then the dream can only show our mental attitude and not to suggest a way out.

second category - dreams of warning, which is usually associated with our loved ones.In this case, a prophetic dream can predict the appearance of the disease relative or forgotten friend.It so happens that the desire of another person as a report itself is transformed into a directed beam of energy, which is manifested in the form of sleep.

The third category dreams in which we visit the souls of the dead.In this case, a prophetic dream can report that we have forgotten about them.All we have to do - is to visit the graves of the dead, a prayer book, and put a candle "for the dead" in the church.Sometimes people who loved us during his life, so try to warn of troubles.

said that dream prophetic dreams in the night of Monday and Friday.People with psychic abilities, can see such dreams, and on Thursday night.How do I know if was a prophetic dream?Generally, a clear knowledge of what a prophetic dream, comes immediately after waking up.Sometimes that is difficult to interpret the dream.To clarify the situation, it is worth paying attention to the emotions that accompanied it.In addition, if the dream was prophetic, the solution is sure to come to you during the day.

Well, if prophetic dream allows you to find a way out of a difficult situation, the question arises - whether you can call it artificial?It turns out you can.However, this requires some training and knowledge of certain rituals and conspiracies.Let's try to figure out , how to call a prophetic dream.

Rituals and conspiracies

Before going to sleep, place a pillow under the small mirror and read the plot on a prophetic dream: "As the light and the darkness reflected in the mirror, and my future will be reflected in it."In the morning, try to hide the mirror so that no one touched him.

On Saturday night (at bedtime) put at the head of a piece of black bread, sprinkled with a little salt, and say: "Sunday to Monday, Wednesday to Tuesday, Thursday to Friday, only you, Saturday, one.Take bread and salt, and I present a prophetic dream.Amen. "

If before the big holiday of the church to pray before the icon of the Mother of God and ask to see the enemy in a dream that brings damage - this man is definitely a dream.

If you need sleep to heal, perform a ritual.Fumigate the room with incense, light a candle.Thrice read the "Our Father."Then you need to lie on your back and read a plot: "Lord!Send me the gift of wisdom, come to me from the disease healing.So be it! "Now it is important to keep home screen image of the labyrinth, the center of which is a door.Mentally sign it.They expect a guide who will accompany you to the cave, where he proposed to lie down on the couch.If you do it right, you will be in a dream way to cure the disease.

Finally, if you suffer from any problem, you can order targeted sleep on Thursday night.You need to go to bed before midnight.Before going to bed three times, read "Our Father", and then the plot: "Lord Jesus!St. three in the house - everyone knows everyone will say, show me the answer. "