How to ask for leave from work

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As if we do not like our work, at all times there are urgent and important things that need to be given time.How correctly to take time off and remain responsible and competent worker in the eyes of the boss?Topics premature departure delays and staff - always the most painful for any leader.Even if you ask for leave once a month - it is a lot.Your problems are not always call compassion, and repeated requests start to absent himself on the nerves of even the chief of the compliant.
key rule here: time off only when you need it.

Find a strong argument

Grounds your departure should be in the eyes of the authorities is very significant.

You do not sleep, tired, tormented you a headache - it's all yours and only your problem.It is better to leave the threshold of the office.However, protection of the dissertation or exams - quite legitimate reasons.Problems relating to property, and will go, because we do not change the apartment, such as gloves.
Do not go into details, it is enough that you just identify the problem.There is no need to tell the boss another sad story.

If you needed to urgently leave early, but it seems that the reason does not seem a good enough guide, try to take time off, without giving lengthy explanations.Say that any urgent problems that concern the family, and they need to be addressed.Sounds solid, and do not have to lie ..

prepare for the conversation

First, it is not necessary to call and say that you have left at home, so you want to take time off.Which boss is likely to appeal if the subordinate simply puts it before the fact of the decisions already taken?It is necessary to ask for leave in advance, better in the evening, and even better at all at the beginning of the workweek.Start the conversation will be better off with a short presentation of the problem and a smooth transition to the question: "Would you mind if ..?"The boss would react to such treatment is much better if you do some share of tomorrow's work.You have to be prepared for the fact that the first thing the chief asks: "And you made? ..."
Before you go to the boss, you first need to convince itself that the leave is essential.If you'll be shifting from foot to foot and mumble something unlikely to gain precious freedom.Anyone who is unsure of its request, it is very easy to refuse.Try not to make excuses - this is a weak position.It should be remembered that the need may arise to leave everyone, but your care should not harm the work - it will still need to perform ....

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