Prophets of Islam

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Modern people often associate with the prophets soothsayers, clairvoyants and other people possessing supernatural powers.Few people today remember that in all the religions of the prophet in the first place is one who has a direct relationship with God, is able to speak on his behalf and must comply with his instructions.When referred to Islam, the first thing comes to mind is the name of the Prophet Muhammad.It is known to all, but the question of how prophets in Islam, few people will be able to answer correctly (of course, we are not talking about those who have accepted this religion, but about ordinary worldly man in the street).There are actually quite a lot.

Prophet of Islam Muhammad

In this religion, he is a major prophet.His native city was a mecca.The very first time Mohammed met with the angel on Mount Hiro: he had a prophetic dream in which the Messenger of God told the prophet to the future of his great destiny.Mohamed long time could not believe that an elected because he considered himself a very ordinary person who does not deserve such a great honor.Over time, he still believed in his way, and began to preach.

All the prophets of Islam Muhammad inferior, as it had been recognized as the most important one.This religion contends that the words that are attributed to this prophet, must obey all live in this world, since it is not the words of man, but of God.


It is not only the first man but also the first prophet.Allah chose him to direct people to the right path.


This prophet is largely similar to Enoch in the Bible.Some identifyed deified him with the Egyptian king Osiris.It is believed that this prophet began writing Kalam, he began to wear embroidered clothes, as well as to study the ancient scriptures.In the Quran it is mentioned twice.


His father was a prophet Adam.This prophet identified with Seth in the Bible.


him identify with Noah in the Bible.He became a prophet in fifty years when God appeared to him and told him to bring the belief in one God to the idolaters.Noah obeyed God, but the idol worshipers laughed at his words, for which he was punished by various disasters.


This prophet was sent by Allah to the Thamud, who were evil, arrogant and too proud.Salih was able to prove what he says on behalf of the Lord, who made magically camel, but this was not enough to sinners.In the end, they died in the earthquake, and Sally was saved by Allah.


him identify with Abraham in the Bible.It was he who called this the religion of Islam and its followers baptized Muslims.


He identified with Lot in the Bible.Allah sent him to the people, mired in depravity, but the sermon did not help, and every one of the wicked were killed.


God instructed him to spread the faith throughout the world.It is identified with Abraham in the Bible.It is believed that after the story asking Allah for sacrificing his son, the sacrifice was one of the sacred rituals of Muslims.


him identify with Isaac in the Bible.It is believed that he is the father of the Jews, and the Jewish prophets.


its analogues is considered the Jewish king David.His main work is a sacred book called Zabur.

Prophet of Islam and that they should be

names of prophets in Islam recorded in the Qur'an and other scriptures, but it is believed that their number is much greater than we know, because God spoke to the people quite often.God did not choose anybody in the prophets, and hence they had to possess certain qualities.These are the qualities that have been endowed with all the prophets of Islam:

  • loyalty to their cause;
  • inability to lie;
  • developed mind;
  • no sin;
  • lack of fear of difficulties.