How to grow Solanum.

Solanum is a bright beautiful plant, which belongs to the family Solanaceae.Periodically appear on its branches fruit deep orange or red.This is what distinguishes among other indoor plants Solanum.Care at home for them is very simple.Of course, there are some features.If you decide to grow this flower, it is necessary to take into account that it is quite picky about lighting.As for the rest, there is no problems should arise.Various diseases and pests rarely hit nightshade.

The main feature of this plant - the poisonous fruit.Therefore it is necessary to abandon it if the house often live or small children.

Care nightshade: lighting

So you planted Solanum.How to care for him?As already mentioned, this plant loves light.Hence, it is best to grow it in the nightshade well-lit areas.The light must be diffused and intense.Nightshade is to preserve and protect from direct sunlight.It is important to place the Solanum.Nursing home watering not only includes, but the correct location.

To create optimal conditions for plants, it is best to put it on the east or west window.If the pot is set on the south windowsill, then about 12 days before five in the evening is to create a small shadow.As for the north side, you should not put a flower Solanum here, since it does not receive the required amount of light and will not grow.

Fresh air for flower

During warmer months, the pot with the plant is better to make the fresh air.However, it should be protected against rain, drafts and direct sunlight.Because of such conditions on the plant fruits will be much more.Of course, this will impact on the overall state of Solanum.

As for the cold season, in this period the plant is suffering from a lack of light.As a result, bloom is not as abundant, and besides, the nightshade can wither.And the fruit may not appear.To the leaves did not get a sunburn, it is necessary to protect them from the midday sun.After all, most tender in terms of lighting plants - Solanum.Care at home must be correct.Otherwise, no flower will delight you with its beauty.

temperature regime

Another important point - the temperature.The plant, which pleases all year round for its originality - Solanum - care at home loves special.It is therefore important to maintain the spring and summer temperature between 18-25 °, and in autumn - from 12 to 15 °.These conditions must be respected.Otherwise nightshade will not bloom and bear fruit.As for the winter time, the swings and drafts, as well as the hot air from the radiator can badly affect the plant.The leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off.The same thing will happen with the results.

Proper watering

Solanum care, which should be carried out in compliance with certain rules, requires abundant watering from April to September the most.The upper layer has to dry out a little between soil moisture.At home, you need to create nightshade rest period.It begins in October and ends in early March.During this period, limited irrigation is required, adequate lighting and humidity.The intensity of soil moisture will need to improve at the end of February, when the plant start up new shoots.

Fertilizing and humidity

On the way will bear fruit nightshade, has a strong influence humidity.Experts recommend keeping this rate constant at 65%.To do this, spray the leaves every day.Of course, you can apply a more practical method.Pot with a plant installed in the tray, which is pre-filled with the wet peat, pebbles or expanded clay.The bottom of the tank where rising nightshade should not touch the water.

But the care of a plant does not end there.So Solanum: how to care for it yet?About once a week you need to feed the flower.For this purpose we use liquid fertilizer.Ideal - is dressing for tomatoes.Of course, you can use a fertilizer for flowering plants.

At the end of the winter should be cut by about a third Solanum.However, it should be done at a time when the leaves are fully turned yellow, and the fruits are ripe.At the same time the plant should be transplanted.It should not use a conventional earth and a mixture of one part sand, two parts compost, peat soil and turf.The bottom of the container in which to grow the flower should strew drainage.This will prevent root rot.

In conclusion

Care Solanum is not so complicated.If you observe the above rules, the plant will delight you with its beauty.If a flower that does not like, he will give you the know.Most often, the lack of which is reflected in a number of fruits, as well as on the state of the leaves.Attention and care will enable you to grow the original decoration for the house with their own hands.