How to cook burgers minced home

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dishes of minced meat or minced meat are present in every kitchen in the world.They are distinguished by different composition, form and method of preparation.Russian cuisine can offer burgers, chops and zrazy.All these products from meat.You can buy ready-made.But I know from experience that the burgers from home stuffing is much tastier.Like the minced meat and a good buy, and do everything the same way, but no, not that.Therefore it is better to spend a few extra minutes to cook meat.It is interesting that the more meats are mixed in it, the tastier and juicier burgers are obtained.

If the meat is lean, you can add up to 1/3 tangled fat.Then cutlets home stuffing will be juicier.So they do not roast away much, often add a bit of bread.Take wheat or rye, to taste, but definitely hard (soft and fresh cutlets will give an unpleasant stickiness).If mince crumb will not, cut the peel and soak for a few minutes in water or milk.When it is tender, mash and add to the mixture.This simple technique also makes homemade burgers from minced meat juicier and more luxuriant.

Some recipes advise to add a few chops vegetables.Almost always in the minced onion added.Its amount depends on the tastes and preferences.Some housewives put it to half the volume of meat, others are limited to two or three bulbs.Want to cutlets home stuffing were still lush and juicy?Then better rub onions on a fine grater or in a blender to turn into a homogeneous mash.You can, of course, the twist with the meat in a meat grinder, but the effect is not the same.Another shade of taste you get when you fry the onions until golden brown, and only then chop and add to the mix.

Sometimes cutlet mincemeat add vegetables: cabbage, carrots, squash, beets, potatoes, pumpkin.They can be placed individually, it can be several types at once, but in any case they should be finely ground.The amount of vegetables that are added to the mix, too, may be different.

often stuffing recipes for meatballs present sour cream, milk or yogurt.Here we must be careful.If milk can be added without any fears, the yogurt and sour cream in large quantities can give cutlets sour taste.And it is not necessary to add the eggs.They, of course, facilitate fried cutlets, but makes them much harder and tougher.To a well-molded products, minced meat must be thoroughly knead it to become uniform.It should be enough fat or liquid, so that it was lumpy.Doing chops several times with the power of slap portions of meat, throwing it with your palms on the palm, and only then give it form.

If you are given an elongated form of minced meat, then chop it.If you have done something round and flatter it - cue.If in the middle of cake to put the stuffing of minced meat (for example, a slice of boiled egg, brusochek cheese, etc.), and then formed into a cutlet, we obtain already zrazy.

Do not forget about spices.Traditionally the home of minced meat patties add salt and black pepper.Sometimes garlic, ground coriander, hop-suneli, basil, thyme, turmeric, ground ginger, paprika.You can add those spices that you like best.Adding to your favorite recipe meatballs new ingredients, every time you get a new taste and a different dish.