How to bake the pork in the oven?

<div> <div id="article_body" itemprop="articleBody"> <p> actually try the pork roast in the oven may even those housewives who earlier hardly had to cook the meat.This is - a great start to understand how to do the process of cooking meat, and on what points it is important to pay attention to.In this article we look at a few basic options for how to bake the pork in the oven.But let us start with the classic method.</p> <h4> Roast pork with garlic </h4> <p> This simple recipe is performed will allow you to get a juicy, tender and flavorful meat.Of the estimated amounts of the ingredients you can get 7-8 servings of food.In principle, you can cook, and a greater number of people, but it is important to carefully calculate the ratio of all products.As for the side dishes, the dish goes particularly well with rice and mashed potatoes.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <p> </p> <h4> What do you need?</h4> <ul> <li> pork fillet (700 g);</li> <li> garlic (5-6 cloves medium);</li> <li> mustard in the form of grains or sauce;</li> <li> pepper and salt to taste.</li> </ul> <h4> How to cook?</h4> <p> 1. First, prepare garlic: each clove should be cut into 2-4 parts (not too small!).</p> <div><center> <script async src="//"></script> <!-- tipings --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4235477045164216" data-ad-slot="4216162687"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </center></div> <p> 2. Take a piece of pork and do it a few tiny incisions.They need to insert the garlic cloves in them, so calculate the size of the openings so that the garlic does not fall out of them.</p> <p> 3. rub with salt and pepper all the meat.Do not be greedy, because only then will it really spicy and tasty.You can add some special seasoning for pork (you can find in any supermarket).</p> <p> 4. Grease the meat with mustard.To bake the pork in the oven is better to take the grain of mustard - then the dish will turn out not only delicious, but also beautiful.</p> <p> 5. Firmly wrap the meat in foil for baking.</p> <p> 6. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and bake the pork for 1.5 hours.</p> <h4> Pork baked with potatoes </h4> <p> This recipe is suitable for a holiday, and ordinary table.For data dish for a long time it got the name "meat in French."Since ancient times the people of France are considered a gourmet, you can just imagine what a yummy you will end up!And, most interestingly, roast pork in the oven so simply.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <p> </p> <h4> What do you need?</h4> <ul> <li> 500-600 grams of pork;</li> <li> 2-3 pcs.onions;</li> <li> 1-1,2 kg of potatoes;</li> <li> 150-200 g of cheese ("Russia", "Soviet" and so on. N.);</li> <li> mayonnaise;</li> <li> pepper, salt;</li> <li> 3-4 Art.l.vegetable oil.</li> </ul> <h4> How to cook?</h4> <p> 1. Cut the meat plates of the correct size (need to cut across the grain).</p> <p> 2. slugger meat mallet as if going to do chops.Peppers, and season with salt.</p> <p> 3. Brushed and washed potatoes cut into slices, then divide into 2 parts.</p> <p> 4. Finely crumble onions.</p> <p> 5. rub the cheese on a coarse grater (can take Korean).</p> <p> 6. In a roasting pan, pour the oil and then spread products even layers over the entire area in this order: potatoes, 1/2, 1/2 pork (it has to be fluff 2-3 tbsp. L. Mayonnaise), a layer of onions, again missedmayonnaise meat, onions, the remaining portion of potatoes.All this "construction" abundantly pour mayonnaise.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> <div id="yandex_ad_R-70350-2"> </div> </div> <p> 7. The final stage of a process called "as a pork roast in the oven" - the required heat up the oven and cook it all for an hour.</p> <p> 8. After an hour can only pull the dish, sprinkle with cheese and send it on for 10-15 minutes.back into heat to melt the cheese.The finished meat is cut into pieces of the principle of the pie.There are many variations of this recipe - for example, you can add the mushrooms or tomatoes.Or pre-fry pork chops for more juicy and rich taste.</p> <p> </p> <p> As you can see, there is nothing complicated about how to bake meat in the oven.Practice - and then about your meat can only say one thing: "Yum!".</p> </div> </div>