How to cook chicken ventricles - more than delicious recipes

Chicken gizzards often called the "navel" - mainly because of the unusual shape, they have after cooking.Some housewives scares peculiar smell, so they do not use this byproduct.In fact, knowing how to cook chicken ventricles, can make flavorful and satisfying a second or a thick nourishing soup.

This by-product is used in salads, second or first courses.For example, you can use the following recipe.To prepare the chicken gizzards in mayonnaise sauce, you will need half a kilo of offal, onion, carrots, half a cup of milk and spices.Vegetables cleaned and cut into small cubes.Stomachs are cut in half.On a hot skillet slices of meat fried with onions and carrots.A few minutes is filled with milk, put a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise.The dish is salted, peppers, covered with the cap.On low heat byproduct extinguished about an hour until cooked.

Those interested in how to cook chicken ventricles, can be useful to the following recipe.Byproduct prepared: rinsed under water, if necessary, cleaned.

Treated stomachs soaked in cold water for half an hour.It is necessary that they be prepared more quickly and have a more delicate flavor.

medium onion cleaned, cut into half rings.Carrots rubbed on a coarse grater.Before you cook chicken gizzards, the water in which they were, should be discarded, and pour boiling water byproduct.Next, put the dish over medium heat until soft and stewed.It may take 30-40 minutes.Shortly before the end of cooking stomachs need salt, add a little pepper.After this "navel" get it, cool.

The small amount of butter sauté the onion.When he gains clarity, it is added to the carrots.On average, fire roasted vegetables for a few minutes.Then they added a spoon of flour and carefully poured the broth, which prepared stomachs.The fluid must constantly stirring to avoid lumps formed.

Cooled byproduct cut into strips, put in a pan.This also added 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream.All ingredients were extinguished within 10 minutes.This simple recipe, which describes how to cook chicken ventricles, proves once again that a minimum of effort, you can make an elegant main dish.As a garnish to it is recommended to apply crumbly rice and boiled potatoes.

There are recipes that tell how to cook chicken ventricles as a first course.For example, there are areas in which home-made noodles with it necessarily a byproduct of preparing for the second day of the wedding.For this navels with a whole onion and carrots are cooked for about an hour over medium heat.After that, you must drain the broth.The liquid is brought to a boil again, put it finely chopped noodles.The dish is salted lightly Perch is left on the fire for 2-3 minutes.At the end of cooking, add chopped greens.Soup infused for half an hour, then serve.