Like multivarka cook porridge?

At this time, not all housewives know how to cook a good semolina, despite the fact that it is a favorite treat our kids.Sometimes it turns out some of the mothers with lumps, and is the worst, according to the little gourmet.It is not surprising that many women are concerned about how to cook porridge multivarka that it turned out delicious and homogeneous.

Benefits Multivarki

Today, many housewives in the kitchen has a unique kitchen appliance household appliances - multivarka.It during the preparation of any food stored useful for the human body trace elements and vitamins.A cooked meals taste good and perfect consistency.

get more useful food cooked in multivarka with a minimal amount of oil.For those who have not tried to cook a delicious dinner with the help of the "assistant", it should be noted that this is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that works in automatic and semi-automatic mode, which is designed to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

most simple dish that can be prepared in multivarka - a porridge.They turn out very tasty, tender and useful.In this article you will learn how to cook porridge multivarka.The most significant advantage of this technique is that the cooking process takes place independently, without your control.Agree, this is a huge advantage for the hosts, who can spend free time to yourself and households.

Semolina - is just

cooking semolina in multivarka require a minimum of effort and time, which is particularly lacking for those who have small children that need all the attention of the mother.
taste semolina all known since childhood.We know that the rump obtained by grinding hard wheat into flour.Proteins and carbohydrates retain their properties during grinding, so this porridge is considered especially useful for children.And now, the next moment - semolina cooked in multivarka, pressure cooker turns out not only delicious and nutritious, but also has a smooth texture, which can not but please the kids.

order to obtain just such a mess, it is necessary to remember the little tricks and proportioning for the preparation of this dish.

useful recipes

So in multivarka cook porridge?

First of all, pay attention to proportion: 300 ml of milk you will need 150 ml of water (ie half).It is the ratio of milk and water allow to cook milk porridge perfect consistency.Then you should turn on the "Milk porridge" and wait until the milk comes to a boil, and only then should add a teaspoon of sugar, salt and schepotochku one tablespoon semolina.After 10 minutes, your porridge is ready.Now you can add a bit of butter or a loved strawberry jam.However, you can select, and other additives (berries, nuts) - at your discretion.And to the kid with great pleasure to sit down at the table, you can decorate the porridge in a plate or dish complement the pieces of his favorite fruits.

But first a little secret cooking semolina without lumps - before you pour the cereal in milk, should be thoroughly mixed it with sugar.

There is a recipe in which you first need to pour cereal and then fill it with milk.This will require 45 grams of cereals and 450 ml of milk.The water does not need to add, but 2 tsp. Sugar and 5 g vanilla necessary to fill in the rump before you flood the milk mixture.After that you should all be thoroughly mixed and covered with a lid, set the desired mode.And within 12 minutes you can enjoy aromatic gruel.

Now you know how to cook porridge multivarka.Bon Appetit!