Numerology, compatibility and Destiny Number

compatibility has always been one of the most pressing issues of human relationships.She paid a lot of attention in the past, it continues to explore a variety of science today.Some argue that the phenomenon of numerology is so perfect in this matter, which may give a more accurate answer than psychology.In life, we are faced with a multitude of events that leave very different impressions in our memory and consciousness.Unfortunately, many of them unpleasant.This is to reduce the number, and can help numerology.

Compatibility - the concept is quite broad.It can be viewed as the ratio of men and women, as well as relations with colleagues.But in any case, and this underlines the numerology compatibility - a harmony.We will not go into the analysis of the question, what actually is, numerology, leave this work philosophy, and take only that can give us a positive this phenomenon.

Most often numerological predictions (or laws, when viewed as a science), resort in the analysis of relations between men

and women.

is not necessary to analyze in detail and once again repeat that the man and woman, in many ways, represent very different worlds.Here's how to combine these worlds, and can tell numerology.Compatible partners are always determined by the ratio of their temperament, character, emotional culture, that is a kind of energy complex, which has everyone.And there is not always a determining role played by our actions, and it is our inner aura that we do not always understand and realize.Numerological compatibility, or any other, is very often associated with the category of fate.A feature of numerology is that here the fate of the "encrypted" in a certain numeric code, which contains the response of our compatibility with other people.

numerological key category is the Destiny Number.This interpretation is interesting, characterized by virtually all numerological "school", from the ancient Pythagoreans, to the modern doctrines of numerological designed powerful computers.As a rule, the number of Destiny concentrated information about the life of a man, the mystery of his birth, the future of "life after death".

For example, according to numerology compatibility men with Destiny number "5", a woman who has this number is "4", is highly problematic.The fact that a woman with such a number, draw, usually sociable man, with a public hungry for recognition, up to a delight.However, the women themselves, sometimes without even realizing want peace of mind and balance, stability and predictability.Here is the internal contradiction of women, and the nature of man, in which the number of Destiny "5" is likely to make them incompatible.Naturally, wait harmony of such a union, even if we assume that it can take place, however.

How to prevent a disharmony in life?The answer is simple - it is necessary to know the number of its Destiny and Destiny Number alleged partner with whom it is planned to maintain a relationship.And therefore you should not waste time on useless hopeless and painful relationships.Check your Destiny Number is not difficult.To calculate it you need to use the date of birth (and their partner), "understand" one digit.The resulting series of numbers add up, and the result is present in the form of a sum of numbers.

For example, if you were born Jan. 1, 1991, you need to add the following numbers: 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1, we obtain the result of 22, the result of the addition of numbers and give your Destiny Number - 4.

as providednumerology, compatibility is determined using the numerology of special tables which are well represented in the literature, and the Internet.Refer to it, and you can learn a lot, both about themselves and about their loved ones, existing and potential.