How to cook the celery to slim figure and strong health?

Healthy diet with a predominance of natural foods rich in vitamins, with each year becomes more and more popular.We can say that proper nutrition - is a kind of fashion trend, but agree that this fashion is very useful and praiseworthy.Among the "healthy" products are distinguished by the green and juicy celery.This vegetable has won a special place in a balanced and dietary nutrition.How to cook the celery, which is often the root and leaves are used in cooking?

Celery - a storehouse of vitamins in your plate

most dominating dish is something that comes in a fresh celery, because then it saves the most vitamins and minerals.A lot of it: A, B, C, PP, K, and even iron, potassium, phosphorus, carotene, folic acid, and others.And the feature of celery is contained therein organic sodium, which is a worthy replacement for salt in your healthy menu.

Salads with celery - a combination of taste and good

So, what can be made from the stalks of celery without heat treatment?Of course, all kinds of salads.For example, here is a easy recipe: diced cucumber and celery, a little boiled carrots and boiled egg.Fill with a mixture of natural yoghurt - tasty and dietary salad is ready.

Option meat

For those who can not do without meat, it is possible to offer another recipe: celery, green apple, chicken, Chinese cabbage cut into cubes.All components of the mix, and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice or low-fat yogurt.Top laid poached egg.It turns a healthy alternative to the beloved Caesar salad.

Meet the famous soup diet

How to cook the celery in the first or second?He, like other vegetables, can cook, bake, stew and fry, although the latter is less than helpful.Let us prepare cooking and diet soup of celery stalks.It is quite popular with slimming.You will need a small forks cabbage, sweet peppers, two stalks of celery and tomato, and a few small bulbs.It's very simple: clean and shred vegetables, fill with water (2.5-3 liters) and cook until ingredients are tender.Let cool and then grind all blender.The taste you can add any spices.This chic soup like it, even those who are not aflame with love for beneficial low-calorie dishes.

unusual variations on the theme of celery

Now let's see how to cook celery that was hearty and delicious.You can, for example, frying it in batter.For this purpose each stem should be cut into pieces of approximately 5 centimeters in length.Dough use any on your taste.Each slice dipped in batter and spread on a frying pan with olive oil, fry until golden brown, and take out on a napkin (to excess oil absorbed).This snack will enjoy both adults and children.

original idea for adults

You already know how to cook the celery.Now try to drink from it.The popular cocktail "Bloody Mary", add the celery salt, and use the stem as a feeding tube.This is to enrich and beautify the famous drink.

In conclusion

use and enjoy the taste of succulent stalks celery, look for new and interesting ideas of his preparation, and share with others!