Numerology apartment: a brief interpretation of rooms

Numerology apartment has a definite meaning and values, despite the fact that most people do not pay attention to it.Regardless of whether you live in a house or in an apartment, you buy it on their own, or you gave it, the number has a specific meaning that nobody can change.

Before you begin to get acquainted with the interpretation of numbers, you need to learn how to count the number under which you live.If the number of the house or apartment consists of a single digit, then problems will arise.When a two-digit or three-digit number, you must add up all the numbers together, while the number will come single.For example, you live at number 392. You need to calculate the sum of three numbers: 3 + 9 + 2 = 14, then again summarize 1 + 4 = 5. Accordingly, the number under which you live is 5.

numbers Numerology apartmentsit may seem to someone quite absurd notion, but in fact it really affects a person's life.Read each number in detail.


Apartment number shows the great potential of creative

energy.Living under the given number will always be not only the center of attention, but will be happy.Creative individuals feel comfortable in the room, and they are always full of ideas and plans.The favorable situation at number 1 is only guaranteed for people with an open heart and good showers.


Numerology, apartment number which is equal to two, turning the room into an ideal place for people working with children or cooks.A favorable atmosphere for people composed musical direction.In order to activate the energy potential of the room is to decorate the interior of the mirrors and the elements with a beige and cream shade.


Numerology apartments under this figure shows an endless stream of energy that must be used consistently.Acclimatized in the room only a very active and fast-paced people.Bummer, as a rule, do not feel comfortable and crushed.


This number symbolizes the endless flow of energy.The premises will have a positive impact on people who are constantly striving to communicate.Beautiful energetic background as well suited for travelers.In order that the energy was required to track, recommended for use in the interior elements of blue and dark blue, gray and yellow.


apartments Numerology indicates that in this room the most pleasant feel people who want to invent something.Politicians and reformers also have success.To activate the power it recommended more elements purple interior.Apartment number 5 can not exist without the collection of books, even if small.


symbol of love and premises considered to rest.Usually at this number or people get accustomed open and good-natured, or exactly the opposite, closed and evil.To obtain the most practical solution would be any elements in bright colors.


People with apartments connected with numerology 7, often fail, and in order to achieve their goals, overcome many difficulties.As a rule, there is a path to success, but it is a very difficult and thorny.The atmosphere of the room accompanied by the study and knowledge of all that new.The dominant blue color tinge appears.


apartment under this number conceals endless possibilities for people to imply a supernatural force: psychics, prophets, fortune tellers, etc.Apartment door is always open for people.People who study the sciences can not get along with that number.Primary colors rooms must be blue.


apartment that number just draws their owners into the routine difficulties and challenges.Thrive here only psychics and sailors.In order that life is filled with positive emotions, it is necessary to make a huge amount of effort.