Guessing on the Book of Changes

Book of Changes - this is not just guessing, it is one of the most ancient philosophical texts of China.The earliest existing mention of it belongs to 672 BCThe Book of Changes, in fact, is a kind of vault of wisdom based on the observation of the world around them.Under its influence to develop science, philosophy and art of ancient China.Its name came from the basic idea - changeability of the world.To this day, the Book of Changes numerology is used to understand how harmonious life, so it is in harmony with the natural cycles, and more - to get answers to important questions about the present and future.

Book of Changes have used in their work, many psychiatrists and psychologists, the most famous of which is Carl Jung.It contains 64 of the hexagram - a symbol reflecting the kind of life situation in the course of its development.Hexagram composed of six features - continuous or broken.The solid bar denotes the active state (or Yan), and the broken - the state of passive (or Yin).From these design

ations, and there was a name of science that studies this kind of divination - itszinistika.Deciphering the combination of these features is the divination of the Book of Changes.The interpretation of this is happening on the tetragram, t. E. All of the hexagram are divided into parts consisting of three lines.

Initially guessing on the Book of Changes is as follows.In order to get the hexagram, it was necessary to take the yarrow stalks (50 pieces) and very slowly placed them between his fingers, trying to remember the combination, to translate them into numbers, then to build the circuit.Of course, it was a very long, complex and not all available processes.

course now divination greatly simplified, and instead used yarrow stalks other items, most of all - the coin.To perform divination by the Book of Changes in our time, you will need three coins of any denomination, as well as paper and pen.Next, you need to focus, clear your mind of extraneous thoughts and think about your questions.Once you clearly comprehended and presented himself this question, toss a coin and see how they are formed.If most of the coins (ie, two or all three) formed an eagle up, you need to draw a continuous line, and if tails - is faltering.Repeat six times that you get six lines.Each successive line must be drawn than the previous.Then you need to find among the hexagrams that matches you will get the picture, and read the interpretation.

Guessing on the Book of Changes do not always give a clear and precise interpretation.The fact that it is built in the image that you want to understand and comprehend.Not all hexagrams talk about the good, there are very unpleasant and predicting the future.But do not worry much about it: The Book of Changes - a philosophical treatise, which not only predicts but advises.Try to understand what it is you suggested, and reduce unpleasant predictions to a minimum.

Before you start guessing, you need to familiarize yourself with the simple rules.During one session of divination can not ask more than one question.It is also impossible to set Book of the same question several times - true will still be the first answer, even if you do not like.The book - is the creation of good and light, it can not ask questions that are somehow connected with causing harm to others.Finally, if you had the hexagram to scare you value, do not worry, try to better understand the situation and realize that you do not.

To tell fortunes on the Book of Changes, is not necessarily buy it.On the Internet there are many sites with fortune telling, some of whom are guessing on the Book of Changes: Juno, a fortune-teller and others.