Divination on Christmas carols

Holiday Christmas everyone is their own associations: for someone - a quiet family holiday;for someone - quite an ordinary day, no different to others;for someone - it carols;but for someone currently best suited for divination.

From time immemorial it is believed that during the period, which lasts from January 7 to January 19, with high accuracy can predict his future fate, know the name of the narrowed and wedding date.Funny divination for girls at Christmas to help unravel the many mysteries that are presented destiny, and this is no accident.The representatives of the other world - the impure force (brownies, goblins, frights, devils, etc.). In these holy days come to contact with the people, revealing to them the secrets of the universe, as well as the fate of secrets.

There are plenty of options for divination, which allows girls to learn more about the betrothed-maskers.But the most common are the cool guys divination using mirrors.The essence of divination is: reptile woman being alone (or with friends 1-2) should light two candles, take the two mirrors, which will be identical to each other in size and form them using a corridor leading to the underworld.Once the corridor is established, you need to carefully look into the distance.That there should appear blurry - and sometimes very clear - image constricted.But it is worth remembering that at the time of divination in the hallway can appear and terrible figure of representatives of evil forces, so be careful.

Divination on Christmas carols with wax

not less common among girls is divination divination on wax.Gad girl should pour into a shallow container a lot of milk and put it next to the front porch.Pre-melted wax is necessary to pour in the milk, uttering the following words: "Brownie, my master, come, eat and taste jelly wax."Carefully look into the shape formed by the melted wax.If you seem to cross - it is necessary to wait for diseases, troubles and problems.If the wax hardens in the shape of a flower - that your life will go to the mountain, and on the way to success and happiness, on the personal front - global change, until the wedding.If the wax has acquired the form of long strips, then you go on a long journey;and if in the form of stars - that await progress in their careers and studies.It is necessary to be afraid of the image of the beast, because it means that currently end up being the enemy of life.

Divination by carols by the book

Before you start guessing you need to think about what areas of your life you most the interests of: love, health, success, career, money wealth and others. Then, without opening the book, say out loudpage number and line.Opening the book, read the selected line and project it is already that you are interested in.

Divination on Christmas carols in the bath

girls who want to learn about nature and the abundance of his betrothed should expose a small area of ​​the body such as the arm.Going into the bath without the lights on, you must offer Bannik touch being used.If a reptile woman will feel the touch of bare hands, then the restriction is "a stitch."If the hand is hairy, then the groom will have great wealth.Smooth hand indicates that the restriction has a mild, sweet temper.A rough hand - tough-minded principal.

Divination on Christmas carols, in spite of its appeal - a very dangerous thing, since contact with the other world to no good will not.The fate that is what is the fate of a person to live in the eternal mystery and ran forward, solving puzzles, prepared for him by God.