How to make the milk sugar?

milk sugar - is the sweetness of the Soviet children, which for him were ready to give anything.Those days are long gone, and the choice of chocolates has become so huge that that yummy to cook at home, and no one thinks.

Probably each of us mom or grandmother cooked milk sugar.So why not try to do it yourself?It's simple and easy, but very tasty.

What we need for the process of preparing this wonderful goodies?

  • Three cups of sugar.
  • glass of milk.
  • tablespoon of butter.
  • Raisins and peanuts (or walnuts) - on request.

Number of main ingredients (milk and sugar) can be changed, but the observance of the ratio 1: 3 should be mandatory.

stages of cooking

in a prepared and washed container in which you are going to cook the milk sugar, put all the ingredients.For this is well suited to deep frying pan coating (non-stick).Put the dishes on the stove in a small fire.Once the milk sugar begins to boil, reduce it and leave to cook until cooked delicacy.But do not forget to constantly interfere to our sweetness does not overheat.

Note that in the preparation of this yummy very important that the sugar is completely dissolved, otherwise not get what you want.It must be crystal.

Now you need to check the readiness of milk sugar.To do this, drop a little of the resulting mixture on a plate and after a while to see whether it will drain away from it or not.If it is frozen, the boiled sugar is ready, if not, you need to boil again.

Then take a deep dish and grease it a layer of butter.If you want to treat your at the store was like sherbet, then put on her bottom roasted peanuts or raisins (but you can do both) and pour boiled sugar.All that is now left to wait until it cools down.The sweetness of the Soviet children ready.After cooling, the whole mass of neatly pry the knife and cut it into pieces.

For lovers of something unusual you can prepare fruit sugar (same cooked, but with the addition of fruit peels).

To do this you will need:

  • kilogram of sugar.
  • orange peel.
  • Half a cup of milk (you can take the cream).

over medium heat place the pan and pour into it a quarter cup of milk.Then pour the sugar and bring everything to a boil.But do not forget to periodically interfere with the mixture.Wait until all the liquid has evaporated.Sugar should get crumbly.

At this time, we shall cut finely washed rind of an orange.You can use the kitchen scissors.After the sugar starts to brown, it is necessary to continuously stirring to prepare it was uniform.Then pour in the remaining amount of milk (about 3/4 cup) and put orange peels.Continue to cook the sugar until all the liquid has evaporated like.

Then on greased dish spread the resulting mixture and give it to cool.Then, too, cut it into pieces or just a break.