How to pickle their own fat

Salty bacon - one of the favorite foods gourmets of all nationalities, and especially the Ukrainians, who are not without their diet.It's hard to give up a delicious slice of smoked or salted salsa with horseradish and potatoes.And nutritionists talk about the benefits of fat because it contained a large number of essential fatty acids, so the body needs.Also, he is credited with the ability of removal of radionuclides from the human body.

you buy this product in a store or on the market, it is better to learn how to pickle bacon yourself, because nothing complicated in this process there.Select for salting should be not very thick pieces of white or slightly pinkish color, with no yellowing, with a clean, soft cloth, which will be easily separated.

For salting need to use the large salt crystals.Its main purpose - the removal of water and the product of a preservative effect.Large salt slowly pulls fluid from fat, gradually dissolving in it.Do not use fine and iodised salt, because the desired result is achieved.Before salted lard, must be scraped with a knife from possible contamination, wash with water is impossible.

prepared foods cut into small pieces.Because of salt, pepper and seasoning to taste the finished mixture.On thin slices chopped garlic clove rate of one for one piece of bacon.For salting need a roomy pan on the bottom of which is poured a mixture of salt, spices, garlic.Then stack the mixture rubbed bacon, sprinkling garlic and spices.

folded and lightly tamp all the pieces, you can cover them on top of the plate and placing a small load, leave in a dark place at room temperature for one day.

How much salt bacon until cooked?Pulling out of the pan, it is cleaned of excess salt, wrapped in cotton cloth and leave in the refrigerator for a few days (about a week).

can use another way of how to pickle bacon in a hot brine.For him, you will need a liter of water, one cup salt, bay leaf, pepper, chopped garlic.Product pour hot brine and cook for 5 minutes.Off, leave at night.After this time, the fat with brine needs to be warmed on low heat and bring to a boil and put on a hot plate, let it cool and dry.Then rub the mixture all the pieces of crushed garlic and spices, put in the freezer.

to smoking usually choose fresh cutting from the back and breast carcass with fine sandpaper light or no.Before salt bacon to smoked, it must be cut into suitable chunks.Rubbed pieces cooked with coarse salt, add spices if desired, should be kept for three days.After all the salt prosola necessary to clean off and lard itself rinsed in lukewarm water for a day and left in the air or on the bottom shelf in a refrigerator, in order to make it well dried and weathered.Thereafter (within a day) cold-smoked product to pale yellow.By this time, the flavor becomes simply superb.

There are many more examples of how to salt bacon, and every fan of this product can choose for themselves the recipe.It is best to take in the salty bacon food, combining with vegetables, especially green onion.