How to make a cream cake at home

special taste and originality give baking creams.After studying the various recipes, you can always come up with new cake, pie or cake.For example, you can replace the usual cream, as described in the recipe for almond or chocolate.The result is a completely new dish.

How to make a cream cake?For a start it is worth noting that in all there are three types of cream: custard, cream and protein.On this basis, by the addition of various ingredients is constantly creating new masterpieces.Having mastered the basic recipe, you will no longer ask: "How to make a cream cake?".At home, it is easy enough to do.

butter cream

To make it, you need only five minutes and the following set of products: 250 grams of butter, 100 ml milk, 200 grams of powdered sugar and 1 packet of vanilla.This cream is ideal for cakes and pancakes for.

first boil the milk and allowed to cool it.Then, combine all ingredients and beat with a mixer for five minutes - the mass must be homogeneous.Now you can start promazyvaniyu cakes.

protein cream

How to make cream cake, so it was tasty and not too high-calorie?In this case, the protein is best suited cream.For him, you will need: three eggs, 100 ml of water, a cup of sugar, citric acid and salt.

sugar water boil in a saucepan over low heat.The syrup is ready when you can from it ostuzhennoy drops the ball roll.

separate the proteins from the yolks and cool in the refrigerator, they start beating when the syrup is ready.It is necessary to add a little salt.We work with a mixer without interruption, until the mixture becomes very thick.

When you are ready, begin the complex process of compound ingredients.So, how to make cream cake right?Beat proteins and at the same time to pour the sugar syrup.In no case do not stop.When the syrup is over, we need to continue whisking until cool mixture.

This cream is well kept and does not lose shape.Having mastered this recipe, at the same time you get an answer to the question of how to make cream cake decorating.Beaten egg whites perfectly keep their shape and have excellent taste.


This is one of the most popular and delicious creams, invented today.Prepared it is easily and quickly.To prepare you will need: 180 grams of sugar, half a liter of milk, three egg yolks, 50 grams of butter, three tablespoons of flour, 150 ml cream, a teaspoon of vanilla.

milk, vanilla sugar and half of the combine and bring to a boil.Leave to cool.Flour and remaining sugar mix thoroughly.Now add the egg yolks and mix again.Bring to a boil the milk and pour in a third of the flour.I should get a homogeneous mass.Then pour in the rest of milk and put on fire.Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.When the cream thickens, remove it from the heat and put the butter.To make the delicate taste, you can add cream.The cream is put in the refrigerator for four hours.

Now you know how to make a cream cake, and you can cuddle close original dishes.