What could be sinks for the bathroom

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indispensable attribute of each apartment are sinks for the bathroom.Without them it is difficult to imagine the dressing room, even the smallest, as they are not only practical subject, but also a great accessory.In recent years, modern designers have come up with a lot of varieties of bathroom items, so choose for themselves something unique, yet ideal size and shape - simple.So now we look at what are the sinks for the bathroom and some of them are best preferred.

Such everyday objects are divided into four main categories.Among them are Washbasin, sink-bowl sink and a console built in.Most apartments and houses mounted model of the "Tulip" - is a sink, which is located on the leg.It can have different parameters and color.Even the larger models "tulip" occupy a minimum of space, and under his foot hides all ceramic pipe.

Console sinks for the bathroom attached to the wall on brackets.Most often below the sink is a wide cupboard, which is convenient to store towels, personal hygiene items.Due to the fact that the console requires a washbasin furniture unit, it takes a lot of space, so it is often installed in private homes where the bathroom is large.

washbasins for the bathroom, made in the form of bowls are always set on the countertop or cabinet.The size and height of a shell variable, so you can choose the options that will be just perfect for your home.This washbasin is shaped like bowls, so often for bathroom design is selected creative people.Having a visionary, a sink can be supplemented by handle, decorate or forged into decoupage technique.

Built shells - one of the most compact solutions for the bathroom.Himself washbasin shallow as it is placed in the inside of the tabletop.Under this structure may be arranged drawers or shelves.Worktop which surrounds sink is used as a table for personal hygiene.

Whichever model you choose, the size of the sink for the bathroom plays a key role.Of course, some options are focused on compact arrangement, while others require a lot of footage.But if your interior perfectly fit exactly console sink, but the bathroom is small, then make a model, but do focus on small dimensions.

When buying plumbing, we also pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made.Most often made of porcelain and faience sinks for the bathroom.Prices for the first bit higher, but the high-quality material, is able to last for more than a decade, and is not toxic.Earthenware models are characterized by high porosity, which is often stuffed dirt, and they are much cheaper.In general, the pricing of the sinks depends on the manufacturer, material, workmanship and model and starts at 1,000 rubles.