How to choose the correct toilet

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Experts say that over a lifetime a person spends in the bathroom for about 5 years.Just how comfortable this time will depend on the toilet installed there.Therefore, when buying should not rush.It is important to make the right and informed choice.And then the question arises: how to choose a toilet?

For a start it is worth noting that to avoid physical discomfort while using this device can be used only if its shape, size and height are chosen correctly.Only in practice, you can determine the most appropriate settings.It therefore stands to sit on your favorite model in the store where you decide to make the purchase.When you are sitting, your feet should not be tense, and in the pelvis, you should not feel any discomfort or stress.

How to choose toilet

Reviews of specific types and models often speak louder than words sellers.It is therefore important when buying pay attention to them.If we talk about how to choose the toilet, it is necessary to say about the main components of its components such as the bowl and drain the tank.Bowls, depending on the placement of holes and the method of draining are Visor, disc and funnel.You can examine each type.Belleville represent something resembling a plate of their appearance.This option is convenient because in the process you use will not fly spray from the hole.Funnel toilet very often inconvenience is the fact that in response to your bowel movements fly spray.Hole in such devices is right in the middle.However, these models do not spray water when flushing.Visor toilets represent a middle ground.Only they guarantee that you will not fly spray or during their use or in the process of flushing.

Talking about how to choose a toilet, consider a tank.It can be one of two types: high and low disposable.The sale of the second most common option, as it enjoys a much greater demand.These models look much more modern and better.WC with tank allows you to visually make the room more.Installation of these tanks is more simple and convenient.It is important to consider those who want to do things with their hands, without causing experts.Due to the low arrangement of care for them much easier.

When thinking about how to choose the toilet, you should consider and the material from which it is made.There are products made of plastic, iron, sanitary ware, semiporcelain, porcelain, wood, which is processed by special means.The most common ceramics - porcelain and faience.Do not take iron products, as it gives the impression of not home environment, even though they are covered with enamel.In addition, the coating is very fast bursts.Speaking of the toilet which company to choose different options should be considered, because every manufacturer makes its products the highest quality.And here it is important how much money you have at the purchase.