What is a UPS for the server?

What UPS probably knows every professional in the field of computer technology, and not only professional.But few people know how much the UPS for the server on the same device for a personal computer.After all, the conditions that apply server type, much higher than in the degree requirements of the conditions imposed on a computer.This is because the UPS for the server "keeps on his shoulders," in addition to the main unit, still a lot of periphery, which is both close and remote.

Post UPS selection is by understanding the functions that are assigned to it.In fact, besides maintaining a constant power supply, UPS for servers perform a number of other specific functions.For example, some models have remote control capabilities via LAN, automatic testing devices while providing automatic diagnostic test batteries.

should be remembered that the UPS for the server should issue a very high power, because it supports the efficiency and resiliency of a very large system.As a general rule, to ensure adequate performance of devices used in the installation of the rack, and they work in a stack mode.Such use also allows the UPS to conduct "hot repair", that is, to find and troubleshoot problems without interrupting operation of the entire system of maintenance.This is an important feature when working in networks that can not be shut down even for a short period of time.

There are two main types of UPS for the server: online and offline.Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.So, online class (applied double conversion) ensures the highest level of protection for all electrical devices that are attached to it.

At the same time, for offline UPS is characterized by the need for a permanent transfer of the load on the power supply to the generator, which is powered by batteries.And as the time switch by default can not be zero, then obtained a variety of undesired surges in voltage.It pulls a temporary power outage on the entire network.

, double-conversion, this problem is absent.The load on the generator is attached permanently.Incidentally, the UPS server for high power may only be double conversion.Typically, such devices are not used for a single computer or server, and for maintaining resiliency in the server room, or office building in its entirety.

making your choice, please note that the UPS for the server capacity more than ten kilowatts need to connect directly to the three-phase network.Also pay attention to the capacity of the supplied batteries.They are directly related to the work without electricity power supply from the network.So you just need to know how much time will you have to eliminate failures in the power supply system.And this depends directly on the quality of your network services.