How to choose the correct acrylic bathtub

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in the market of sanitary products of acrylic baths have appeared not too long ago, but in a short time has become an important part of the interior bathroom facilities.These items are for a long time were not very accessible due to the high cost, but today they belong to the highest position.Leading manufacturers of sanitary ware have long recognized the indisputable advantages of this material.The Russian market currently presents a huge amount of plastic imitations that do not possess any of the natural advantages of acrylic.To know how to choose acrylic bathtub should be familiar with simple recommendations of experienced consultants, as well as reviews of the owners.

First, let's say on the most important points that need to be addressed.You must select the appropriate manufacturer.Reputation of the company must comply with European standards.Preference is better to give an experienced manufacturer with extensive experience in the market, and has earned positive reviews from buyers.The vendor should provide you with all interested certificates and documentation confirming the high quality of products.

If we talk about how to choose acrylic bathtub, you should know the following.Lowered price of the product may be a sign of inconsistency with the declared quality.Thus for acrylic you can produce ABS which is coated with a thin layer of low molecular weight acrylic.Also, suspicions should cause a thick laminate.Bath acrylic such thickness is usually very expensive.Reasoning about how to choose acrylic bathtub, it should be noted that the optimal thickness of the acrylic sheet is up to 5 mm, and as the second layer using fiberglass or epoxy, which takes over the function of reinforcement.On the end of the cut products can be seen, consisting of layers like a sandwich.If they are more than two, it is necessary to abandon the purchase.

Talking about how to choose acrylic bathtub, it should be noted that acrylic is a hygienic polymer having a truly unique features and designed for continuous use.

Material Properties:

  • holds heat for a long time;
  • able to maintain shine and luster;
  • fast and easy to restoration;
  • easy to clean;
  • not prone to darkening with time;
  • not afraid of chips;
  • not plastic and durable;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • unsuitable for bacteria (they do not live there).

Talking about how to choose acrylic bathtub, it should be noted that for plastic products is characterized by a dull shade of the surface, and for acrylic - only a bright gloss.Acrylic is an opaque material, which when viewed from a side on the light will not show through.When the pressure at the bottom of a bath she will not cave in, which is not the plastic.

deciding finally what firm to choose acrylic bathtub, then is to determine the necessary size.In fact, how to care for such a product, there are no difficulties if there are scratches on the surface, they can be easily overcome by using a liquid acrylic sold in stores.