How to plan an interior bathroom with shower?

Standard bathroom, unfortunately, often becoming the owner of a deadlock.As the most efficient use of the area to fit on it all, but still look beautiful?It requires an individual approach to each individual room.Interior bathroom with shower can be really stylish and functional.

First of all, you need to decide what will be on the available space.So, in a very small bathroom is better to put the shower without shower tray.Why her?It's pretty simple.Interior bathroom with shower without the bulky floor visually enlarge the space, and the room itself will be brighter and brighter.

course, better to choose flooring in the same colors.Drain hole in the shower is also better to pick up the tone that it does not stand out.This underfloor heating will not only allow moisture to dry quickly, but swimming will make the process more enjoyable.Note: in the family, with small children, it is better to put a bath rather than a shower.Bathe easier neighbors flood risk minimized.

Making space, it is important to choose the right design.The interior of a bathroom (photo №1) must be universal and convenient for every member of the family: children, the elderly, the disabled.For example, you can install the shower with low sides, and with additional protection against slipping.Furthermore, in a small room can be perfectly arranged everything you need: the place for bathing and toilet, and a closet with built-in sink.It is only necessary to connect the imagination and to carefully plan the interior.Bright curtains will design a fun and cheerful.And it is not necessary to choose exactly the corner booth.Current models provide room for imagination and everything.

Beautiful interiors bathrooms of glossy magazines on design space is not always possible to recreate in real space, yet the effort is worthwhile.Initially, you need to carefully hide all the communication elements using the maximum yardage.Where is possible to make a cabinet or shelf, you should use this opportunity.Only after that you need to choose plumbing, focusing on the remaining free centimeters.

self-created interior of a bathroom with shower suitable model may not look worse than the elite magazine for the construction and design.Pay special attention to colors, which carried out the room.Ideally, all the bright elements will be replaced.This will help save on repairs later, when he wants something new.

well-planned interior of a bathroom with shower in the room which can accommodate all the necessary things:

  • toilet;
  • place for swimming;
  • sink;
  • washing machine.

In some cases we can also install more and bidet and cabinet for bathing accessories or underwear.Always guided by their preferences and capabilities of your premises.