How to prepare jam physalis?

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Most of us are familiar cape gooseberry as an ornamental plant, and only a few are aware of its edible qualities.The fact is that from the berries, which are hidden in the Chinese lanterns, you can prepare delicious dishes.Physalis is a very useful plant, containing a huge amount of vitamins that are good influence on our body.

Despite the fact that its use is proved, physalis not very frequent visitor to the menu of Russians, because its cultivation there are some problems.There are ornamental, vegetable and berry species of this plant.The first can not be used as food, the second is usually salted or pickled, and cooked varieties of berry jam physalis.

In our climatic conditions it is best to grow a vegetable variety.It is quite unpretentious, ripening and high-yielding.Because of the bitterness cape gooseberry is considered to be not very tasty, so it can be eaten only in revised form.Berries salted and pickled, sometimes make jam.Berry varieties have also cultivated, but they are more finicky, so it is very difficult to grow at their summer cottage a cape gooseberry.Jam he gets very sweet and fragrant, and berries can be eaten even fresh.

dishes from this plant will be pleased with not only an unusual and very pleasant taste, but also useful properties.Physalis strawberry is best suited for the preparation of sweet and fragrant jam or candied.The recipe is simple to make and will not take much time.

So, to prepare jam physalis need 1 kg of berries 0.5 liters of water and 1 kg of sugar.First you need to remove all the cups and wash the berries themselves in hot water to remove the sticky substance.It is recommended that about two minutes problanshirovat fruit.This will help get rid of a specific taste.

Physalis jam will be more beautiful if the berries remain intact.So they do not burst, they need to be pierced with a needle or toothpick.Of water and sugar syrup is preparing.Fruits put in a pot and pour hot syrup.For impregnation it is recommended to leave them for 10 hours.Then put the pan on low heat, and jam is brought to a boil.Boil it needed for 5 minutes.

After that the berries still insist 8 hours.For the third time jam Physalis cook a little longer until tender over low heat.All the time you need to stir it gently so as not to crush the berries and skim.The sterile poured hot jam jars.Rolled container turned upside down and keep well until cool.

If you need to get the candied fruit, then further cooked jam boil for another 10 minutes, then strain through a colander to get rid of excess fluid.Sami fruit spread on a baking sheet and dried in the sun or in the oven.Cooked candied fruit can be sprinkled with powdered sugar and put in a jar.

Decorative cape gooseberry food is not used, but is used in the interior.In winter, it will be pleasant memories of hot summer days.Its fruits can be used as decoration.To do this, you need to stick the leaves of the plant foil, and the very berry gild.Get a nice toy for the Christmas tree.