How delicious to cook the liver?

Many experienced housewife knows how to prepare a tasty liver.At first glance, it may seem not at all difficult.However, to result in a flavorful and juicy dish, you need a little bit tricky.

To begin initial product must be cleaned of veins and films.Then it is cut into portions.Their thickness should be about one centimeter.Some cooks are advised to sprinkle each piece of baking soda and soak for about an hour so.Then wash and dry.

Just before frying the liver must be sprinkled with salt and spices.Then roll in flour and dipped in hot oil.

How delicious to cook the liver with no frills?To do this, just fry it on both sides for 4-5 minutes.It is important not to overdo it in the pan.Otherwise, it will become dry and tasteless.Serve this dish can be with butter and herbs.

For variety, some cooked chicken livers.In this case, it should be held in the marinade for a while.Before hot dipped it in batter.Cook it for about 8 minutes, until golden brown.

How to cook a rabbit liver?This product is considered a delicacy.He is very gentle and provides the basis for many dishes.For example, the liver of a rabbit with mushroom sauce.Before you start cooking, you need to soak liver in milk or water for 30 minutes.Fry must be very careful.If the liver overdo it dry and lose its flavor.You only need to add salt at the end.

So, how to prepare a tasty rabbit liver?For this you need the following ingredients: 200 grams of liver, the same amount of mushrooms, one onion, 200 ml cream, half a tablespoon of flour, two potatoes, 20 grams of butter, vegetable oil, salt and pepper.

In a frying pan fry the mushrooms and onions.Fill weight cream.Add salt and pepper.All extinguished about 5 minutes.Add the flour and simmer 2 minutes The sauce must be constantly stirring.

pretreated liver fry in a pan for 10 minutes.Three Potatoes, salt and pepper.We spread the pan with a spoon and fry as chips.

When ready, spread on a plate of chips, then they liver, and pour all the sauce.Garnish the dish should be green peas.

How to cook liver burbot?This dish is not only delicious, useful and unusual.First of all, it is necessary to choose the right product.Buying raw liver, it should be remembered that it should be bright (creamy or creamy), and in any case does not yellow or gray.It should not be any spots, dimples, veining.

Very quickly preparing burbot liver pate.Extract of fresh fish liver should be very careful.This is not to hurt the gall bladder.Otherwise, all the fish will have a bitter taste.Liver is necessary to rinse well.Then it is cut into pieces and cooked with spices minutes.The finished product is ground in a meat grinder or blender.Slice the onion very finely and fry until soft.Liver and onions mixed.Pate is ready.

Now you know how to prepare a tasty liver burbot, and be able to pamper their loved delicacies.