How to choose a shower?

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Shower - a compact and functional alternative to the classical bathroom.It saves a lot of space in the bathroom and taking a shower makes the procedure as comfortable and fast.Therefore, the owners of small bathrooms, and for those who are constantly in a hurry to do everything you need to know how to choose the shower.Very large range of offerings on the market can confuse anyone, but because you need to select several points that should be paid attention to.

Before choosing a shower, you need to decide what it will be: fixed or not.Stationary cabin closed walls on four sides and installed anywhere bathroom.A conventional shower enclosures have no rear wall, and therefore can only be in the corner.What else is important when choosing a cabin?Of course, the material pallet shutters, built-in functions, quality components - all you need to consider before you choose a shower.Reviews can help you determine the specific models and pre-examine their strengths and weaknesses.

shape and size

Showers can be wall-mounted and angular, round, square, rectangular, or more intricate configuration.Selection of a particular size and shape will depend on the size of your bathroom and personal preference.

depth pallet

tray in the shower can be deep or flat.Flat is convenient because it does not have to turn up a high leg to go to the cabin for taking water treatments.A deep tray is suitable for those who want to bathe small children in a bathtub full or someone he loves to soak in a fragrant foam.And note the bottom surface - it must be embossed to prevent slipping and falling.

Material pallet

most popular is the acrylic, so it is easy enough that simplifies the installation of the shower, and a very strong and durable.The sale can be found as cast iron, steel and porcelain trays.Decide what suits you most, before you choose a shower cabin.


doors may be sliding and swinging.The first will be to save space, while the latter have a more robust design.How to choose a shower, and what doors it will be - it depends on your personal preferences.They can be made of plastic or glass.Of course, plastic is cheaper and it is more secure, because it is quite difficult to break.However, glass doors look more impressive and aesthetically pleasing.


The more, the more expensive it will cost a shower.Functions can be totally different from the built-in radio and phone and ending with built sauna and flavor.

Thus, if you want to save space in the bathroom and simplify your intake water treatment, your choice - showers.Which company to choose which features to include and - up to you.It will be a multifunctional Italian boxing or conventional shower-Russian production - not so important.The main thing that it was convenient to you to take a shower.But everything else - it's nice additions.