How to prepare a blank of pepper for winter

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middle of summer and early autumn are the most convenient time for the preparation of domestic preparations for the winter.Thus one of the most common products that can be considered for pepper.It contains a wide variety of vitamins, it has a relatively low price, and you must use it in a variety of dishes.This makes harvesting of pepper virtually priorities.

development of modern art, namely the appearance of freezers to freeze dry, enabled many housewives to keep almost all vitamins and useful elements in the harvested fruits and vegetables.This is especially true of pepper, which not only tolerates frost, but also quite handy in the refrigerator can accommodate.To do this, wash the peppers, cut out a core with the seeds, and then insert each pepper into the resulting hole.Thus, the blank pepper will occupy little space in the freezer.After that it can be spread on plastic bags in the required quantity at a time and place in the freezer to freeze dry.

Other harvesting of pepper assume its preservation.At the same time it is marinated in a special brine from 0.5 liters of vinegar, 1 cup sugar and three tablespoons of salt.For a taste usually add a variety of spices, among which should be garlic, bay leaf and peppercorns.This recipe involves getting the usual pickled peppers that you can immediately use in food.However, in this state, it can be used not for all recipes.That's why most chefs recommend immediately to harvest the whole dish of peppers.

many bars of pepper in the winter are ready-made meals that when you open a bank can immediately use in food.Among them we can find common recipes such as lecho, Ukrainian salad, lazy peppers, etc.However, most of the housewives prefer to preserve and pepper along with other vegetables.Such harvesting of pepper is a kind of cuts.It is prepared according to the recipe of other vegetables and pepper are added to taste, but it can be used separately after removal from the can.

One of the most popular recipes pepper harvesting is to use it as a wrapper for other vegetables.Thus obtained separately pickled vegetables and whole pickled peppers, which can be used to prepare various dishes, and even fry in a pan.If the peppers stuffed with minced vegetables, it in itself is already a good meal, and in this form can bring to the table.At the same time, in some cases it is advisable to remove the rind from it.

blanks for the winter is never enough.Always nice on cold winter days to open a jar of delicious salad of peppers, or defrost it for cooking.These blanks have a terrific taste and at the same time, thanks to some properties of pepper preserve most vitamins.