The most bizarre holiday of peace

In the medieval town of Ivrea, just 54 kilometers from Turin, the locals have fun age-old tradition - participation in an orange battle.They recreate the battle of the XII century, when the miller's daughter Violet rebelled against the oppressive ruling Count, which led to riots and rebellion.And oranges thrown at the local nobility.

Although Holi - festival-India (usually in early March), the most noisy it is celebrated in the north.To this day it is necessary to have time to paint the walls of the houses in bright and cheerful colors, arrange bouquets and flower decorations, as well as stock up colored powder, water and coloring bryzgalki.In the old days the paint was obtained from flowers and bryzgalki made of bamboo tubes;Now both sold in stores.

the night before the feast of the Indians set fire to a detached tree, and all the night around him takes a ritual dance that accompany winter and invite spring.At dawn on the decorated with flowers and colorful fabrics streets adults and children happily pour each other with colored water six colors: red, green, yellow, blue, black and silver.In Bengal played street performances, dedicated to the god Vishnu or one of his incarnations - Krishna.The sacrifice to the gods bring food.Even in this day people throw colored powder into the air with him to part with all the worries of the past year.On the day of Holi decided to go for a visit.All sweet dishes, they are prepared from milk, sugar, fruits.Girls give gifts bright and married daughters - a new holiday clothes.

Phuket residents of Chinese descent sit for nine days on a vegetarian diet.During the festival, no one eats meat, because Ko Phuket, Phuket that runs one of the most shocking Buddhist religious ceremonies in the world.Festival includes "ascetic" rituals of self-flagellation, piercing themselves cheeks almost two-meter poles and climbing the stairs of the blades.And also - Monkey Feast of various fruits, which are treated monkeys.

One of the most fun summer holidays - La Tomatina.On this day every year all with gusto pelted each other with tomatoes.In an instant the streets of the coastal town of Bunol, located in the east of Spain, turned into streams of red tomato pulp.Here are the world's largest tomato battle.Last year, here to participate in the play-fights over 38,000 tourists arrived.That's four times more than the entire population of the town.

Scotland Scotland is a traditional fire festival.This colorful ceremony is already over a thousand years - it has not changed since the days of the ancient Vikings.According to tradition, the festival of fire symbolizes the end of winter and the coming of spring.
At dusk the streets of the Scottish villages are thousands of flaming torches.Apogee holiday - a ritual burning of the central square of the ancient Viking ship, specially built for the occasion.

Colombia to mark the International Day of Poncho, when dozens or even hundreds of people wearing giant poncho and walk them through the streets.

Ireland in Dublin and many US states are strange events, which are called "Games Village" - jumping in the pool, throwing forks and stuff like that.Rude fun accompanied by lots of booze.

Japanese "Naked Festival" is a strange holiday, consisting mainly of a parade.That is a crowd of naked through the streets of Japanese cities.The holiday is associated with fertility and male potency, so involved in it almost all.

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