How to cook a cake in multivarka

appearance of Multivarki much easier life housewife.Besides great cereals, excellent soups and stews, you can prepare any cake - baked in multivarka turns gentle and air.

Cake can be prepared either: meat, fish, sweet, bulk, filler - the hostess can not worry about the outcome.The main thing is to observe the proportions in the preparation of the test.

Cabbage-meat pie in multivarka

This filler pie dough so it will be runny.

We need: 300 gr.pork, chicken or beef, 500 gr.fresh cabbage, a couple of onions, three eggs, four tablespoons of mayonnaise, seven tablespoons of sifted flour, baking powder, and salt.

Multivarki in a bowl in the "quenching" within 40 minutes of stew meat cut into small pieces, shredded cabbage and onion half rings.When stewing over, stuffing spice spices.

whisk eggs with mayonnaise mixer and slowly add the tablespoon of flour with baking powder.The dough is ready when the filling is ready.

Cabbage-meat stuffing pour the dough and set the mode "Baking" for 65 minutes.At the end of cooking the cake can be removed, turned over and again set the timer for 20 minutes.

Fish Pie "my fish" can be made from any fresh fish fillets or canned.

We need: Bank favorite canned fish, 300 gr.sour cream, 5 eggs, 300 gr.sifted flour, three onions, 100 gr.baking margarine, salt, sugar, baking powder.

soft dough Cooking: separate the yolk and white of one egg, take only the yolk.Mix sugar, salt, egg yolk, 100 gr.sour cream, margarine and mix well until smooth, slowly adding the flour mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder.

the dough to fill the 4 eggs and whisk the remaining protein residues with sour cream, add salt and spices.Well, beat with a mixer.

roasted onion and mix it with canned fish, stretching well with a fork.

Bowl Multivarki lubricating oil, soft dough distribute and mash in a bowl so that the bottom has been completely closed, and on the walls were formed bumpers.

fish filling spread on top and pour the batter.

In the "Baking" pie in preparing multivarka 65 minutes.

Another recipe - "Charlotte."Apple pie in multivarka turns delicate, airy, with a surprising sweet-sour taste.

For the filling slices cut four apples, sprinkle them with lemon juice.If the apples will be more, and time to prepare the cake in multivarka take much longer.

dough on the cake is ready so: five eggs, beat until foamy, add a cup of sugar, and without stopping beating, add a tablespoon of flour glass.

Bowl Multivarki grease with butter, spread on the bottom of the apples and fill test.Bowl Multivarki need a little shake to come out air bubbles and the dough is spread out evenly.

set a timer in the "Bake" for 60 minutes.Willingness to check the cake with a wooden toothpick, if necessary, increase the time.

Top pie multivarka not browning, so when submitting its inverted golden side up.

Bon appetit!