How to bake a cake grated

difficult to list all kinds of tests, including preparing sweet pastries.But the grated pie always goes to the pets housewives due to its unassuming to the special conditions and the skill of the chef.For many it is a constant smell of childhood cakes with jam or apples.

Classic grated baked pie with plum jam, rubbed currant or apple jam.But the most aromatic, as practice shows, the product is a jam.It is desirable that the filling was a sour, then the pie is not cloyingly sweet.

Another great property that has shredded cake, this variation of taste sensations.In summer you can use as a filling various berries and juicy fruits.Good shredded manage Cherry Pie, from which the bone must be removed beforehand.Winter version of the berry filling - frozen foods.

At the heart of the popular dessert is shortbread dough is made from flour, eggs, butter and sugar.Plus baking powder or baking soda.Recipe must start from the fat (butter, margarine or spread), since flour always takes a different amount depending on the variety and humidity.Do not take the flour with a high gluten content, it makes the dough too tight, even rigid.

grated on the cake of medium size that best fits into a circular shape with a diameter 24-26 cm, or in a square with a side of 26-28 cm, you need to take a pack of butter 200 g Flour to prepare 3 cups, but it does not always go all the dough.It will take another egg and 150 grams of sugar.Sweetness is also possible to adjust the taste of sugar and take over 30 g more or less.

Technology dough preparation quick and easy, you only need to get their pre-oil cooler, so that it becomes room temperature.Mix the ingredients with the help of user-friendly harvester.In a bowl to fill half of the cooked flour mixed with baking soda, then add the egg and sugar.Stir until smooth mass and begin to slowly pour the remaining flour.As a result, should have stiff dough.

Grated pie dough is made from cold, so you need to put a batch in the freezer for about half an hour.To test it was convenient to work, before sending it to freeze, it is advisable to divide the whole piece in two parts.One do little more than the other, the approximate ratio - 40% and 60%.Every part of the wrap in plastic wrap separately.

While the dough cools, should include warm up the oven and prepare a baking pan.Basic training - to lay the bottom with baking paper, to easily take out fragile cake.Grease paper grease is not necessary, it is sufficient to test.Jam should be at room temperature, not too thick, cherries used fresh or frozen.

It's time to collect the cake.On a flat plate quickly rub a larger piece of dough on a coarse grater, spread on a baking sheet mass grated.Lightly press a layer of palm, the better to spread the stuffing.If used as a filling or jam jam layer should not exceed 0.5 cm, otherwise the cake will flow and foothills.Cherry is filled with one layer.

exquisitely delicious turns grated lemon pie.With zest of lemon must be removed using a fine grater and add to the dough during kneading.And the rest of the lemon (better to take 2 pieces) blender and grind to add a couple of spoons of sugar.Share on the bottom layer of grated.

For the filling, regardless of its type, grate the second part of frozen dough, do not crush.Put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.After 15-17 minutes, the cake is ready.Cut diamonds in the form of heat, laid out on a wooden board.