How to cook a hot roll?

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all ever heard that expression, like hot rolls, or as they are called differently, tempura rolls.This article describes how to step by step to prepare them at home.It should be only a few times to try to make them at home, and they will get no worse than a restaurant.

advantage in the preparation of rolls at home weight.For example, preparing rolls yourself, you know that the products selected for this high-quality and fresh.When cooking hot rolls in the company, it's pretty fun.And, of course, rolls, cooked at home, not being felt in the financial plan as at the restaurant.
filling for hot roll, you can choose a variety, for example, shrimp, smoked eel or crab meat, sea bass, salmon or salmon.In addition, you can use avocado, cucumber, eggs or cheese "Philadelphia".Unlike conventional hot rolls by that hot rolls baked in the oven or fried in batter, and, of course, are eaten hot.You will need a kit for the preparation of rolls.It can be purchased in a specialty store.

We offer a recipe rolls stuffed with salmon and cucumber.Below it is described in more detail.

hot rolls.Preparation

Please spread the pre-cooked rice, intended for the land, on the half sheet of nori.Cover with the other half spread out our rice.Stuffing you prefer, in this case, salmon and cucumber, spread half of the sheet, which we covered the cooked grits.Next, we add up the bamboo mat and roll forming.
then diluted batter, using a tempura flour in cold water.Before you fry the rolls, they must first be dipped in flour, and only then in batter.Roll Fry until golden brown, using a cast-iron pans or deep fat fryer.It is necessary to periodically turn it during the entire frying.

Fried roll should be wet cloth to excess fat absorbed into it.Cut into pieces and serve it with wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.Hot Roll with salmon and cucumber ready!Bon Appetit!

Hot Rolls with shrimp, avocado and salmon

Prepare classic roll filled with salmon, with a diameter of about five centimeters.Next, make the sauce spicy.For this mix Japanese mayonnaise (about six tablespoons) and hot sauce Kinch (half a teaspoon).Next, finely chopped avocado, shrimp, and stir them with a spicy sauce, then lay on top of each roll.We cover the stuffing with a teaspoon of sauce for a few minutes and put the rolls in the oven or in the microwave on the mode "Grill" to the formation of a crust, it should come out very tender and melting in your mouth.
Hot rolls ready!Bon Appetit!

In this recipe, the preparation of rolls there is no need to use oil and roasting, which means that they get low-fat.It is important not to forget that hot rolls should be consumed hot, so do not wait for them to cool down and lose its unique taste.

worth only a few times to try to cook rolls, and you can easily surprise your friends with new culinary success.After all, not everyone tried tempura rolls.