How to make sour cream jelly and desserts from gooseberries and currants

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sweetie loved not only children but also adults.However, after a hearty meal, you do not want to overload your stomach heavy cake for dessert.But the air and light sour cream jelly, which have pieces of fruit will be very appropriate.Here's how to cook it.First you need to make a base of gelatin.To do this, soaked 30 g of this component in 150 milliliters of cold milk or water, stir and wait for about half an hour, until it swells.For half an hour these were not in vain, prepare vegetables: one piece of banana and kiwi, two peaches, berries of grapes 10-15.All my good, clear of skins and seeds and chop.

Cooking sour cream jelly on and return to the swollen gelatin.It should be put in a water bath to dissolve.The light must be small.Remember that gelatin should not boil.Constantly stir it.Once the component is completely dissolved, remove bowl with him from the heat and let cool.The next step is to make sour cream jelly, whipping cream is (500 g) and sugar (1.5 cups).The latter can be replaced by powdered sugar to dissolve rapidly.Then slowly begin to add gelatin, sour cream but continue to interfere.

Now we will need a form.It could be either one large or several small ones.Suit those that are used for baking cakes.To sour cream jelly is not stuck, the capacity is desirable to lay gently cling film.First, lay out one layer on the bottom of the fruit.Covering his jelly.On top put the next, and so alternate until there are no more ingredients.However, you can make and easier: Mix first all the fruit jelly, and then the whole mass lay out the form.

Put all the beauty in the refrigerator for about three hours to gel well frozen, then take out and carefully turn over the form, removing the resulting "snacks", which remove the film.To decorate the dish, you can sprinkle his shabby chocolate or coconut.

And, you can make a very gentle gooseberry jelly.Making a kilogram of fruit puree (you can blender), add to it half a kilo of sugar and begin to cook.Cooking process takes less than 20 minutes.If you want to add dessert brightness, you will also need a red currant.Jelly, which is poured in 2-3 tablespoons of juice from it, acquire a beautiful, deep red color.Similarly, the resulting mass pour into molds or transparent glass cups and put in the fridge to solidify.

By the way, most of currants can also make a tasty jelly, and thus even cooking does not have to.Berries, of course, it takes a lot, especially if you like to cook a dessert for the winter.But you can do quite a couple of kilos.To begin with berries must be separated from the stalks and twigs, then tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes to stretch them well.From the resulting slurry using gauze carefully squeeze the juice into a separate container.Next, you must determine how many cups of black currant juice squeezed you, because exactly the same need and sugar (1: 1).This was dissolved in the juice, without any cooking.Then spill it all over the cups or forms and put in the refrigerator, where "substance" and acquire jelly appearance.