How to cook the bread in the oven

now less and less women bake homemade bread in the oven, and yet not so long ago fresh homemade loaves to be found in almost every home.Despite the fact that this process is considered to be long and laborious, the result is a fragrant bread with a crispy golden crust worth it to spend time on it.

longest in the manufacture of the baking dough is done.Since, in most cases, it is yeast, it takes time to make it "come", that is slightly increased in size.If you have patience and wait, baking is lush and soft.Himself bread in the oven is ready not too long.Therefore it is possible to adopt several recipes, and on occasion bring them to life, to give pleasure to yourself and loved ones.

to bake bread in the oven, you will need half a kilo of flour, dry yeast (half a bag), half a teaspoon of salt and sugar, a half cup of water, raw egg and vegetable oil (just a tablespoon).First, preparing Opara.For this purpose the yeast is dissolved in 100 grams of warm water is poured here sugar and salt.Further, the mixture was placed flour so that the consistency of sour cream resembled solution.Opara is left in a warm place for half an hour.These manipulations are needed to make the dough more quickly "raise".

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remaining water is slightly warmed, it lays an egg, butter, poured Opara.The resulting mixture is added to the flour, the dough is kneaded until such time as there is no good come off by hand.Next it is left for a few hours.The rising 2 times the test again interfere, divided into small parts, which are arranged on the blurry shapes.

necessary to note that the bread in the oven during baking increase slightly, so you need to put the dough in a bowl for about half the height.Ready meals at an average temperature of about half an hour.After baking the bread, it is covered with a towel, allow to cool slightly and then cut and fed to the table.

must say that if the bread was baked in the oven yourself, it can be eaten for several days when stored properly (cool).A taste of this baking will be different for the better from the store counterpart.Above you can sprinkle sesame bread or poppy seeds, grease with egg yolk.

recipe for this dish you can take next.For the sponge in a half cup of warm water put a glass of flour and 25 grams of live yeast.The mixture was stirred and left for an hour.On the surface of the sponge should be formed foamy cap.A tablespoon of honey mixed with a glass of warm water.The resulting liquid is poured into the brew.This also put half a kilo of flour and kneaded the dough.Then, put a pinch of salt.Dough is placed in a warm room for 2 hours, whereby it must increase in size.Then it is divided into three parts, each of which is attached to a rectangular, slightly oblong shape.

this bread is baked in the oven, preheated to 250 degrees for about 10 minutes.After that, the temperature is reduced to 200, and the dish is left a little longer until it is golden on top.