How to change the background in Photoshop?

It so happens that in the pictures we do not like the background, and there is a great desire to move your image to some more decent background.Well, for this and there is a graphical editor called "Photoshop".Of course, this program can make any manipulation of photos and any other images, but now we just need to get rid of unwanted background, put another in his place.

replace the background in Photoshop is easy.Here is one of the simplest methods.For him, you will need to open the editor in two shots: one where you stand / sit / lie on the ugly background, and, in fact, the photo with the background on which you would like yourself to contemplate.First, choose a picture with your image, because before in Photoshop to change the background, you will need to remove your 'body' of the photograph.To do this in the toolbox find any function with which you can make a selection.This may be a "Magnetic Lasso" or "Quick Mask".But it's best to use the mode "Quick Selection".It is enough to put the tool in the background and a circle shape.At the same time he highlighted the background and the figure will remain intact.But we need to figure it, so go in the "Allocation" (top menu bar) and select the "inversion."Now, the figure turned out to be highlighted.

next step as Photoshop to change the background - is the creation of a new layer.Once we have identified a figure, go to the menu "Layer", select "New" in the drop-secondary menu click the "Copy to a new layer."In the Layers palette, you have a picture, where the empty (in the box) background emblazoned dedicated to this figure.Now we turn (do not close!) The main picture and draw their attention to the picture with the background.We need to move your image there.To do this, once again appeal to the palette with the layers, choose the tool "Move", grab them shape layer and drag it into a new background.Already more than half of the case, as in Photoshop to change the background, done.Now we have to make a "fit."It is possible that your image in a new background suddenly appears either too large or too small.This usually occurs due to the fact that the size of both images differ significantly.If the resolution of the image with the background of the above, your figure is too low.And vice versa.

Therefore, the next action in Photoshop to change the background, is this: you need to go to "Edit" to find the "Transform" and select "Zoom."Depending on what you need to do with the figure, you reduce or increase it, grabbed his arm by the corner appeared the scaling limits.To figure resized evenly, scale it by holding down the Shift.Once you get the required settings, click "Apply".After this "tailored" figure can move wherever you want, grabbing her tool "Move."With mode "blur" can handle a little figure on the circuit, smoothing out small irregularities.When you are satisfied with your new creation, you will need to enter the menu "Layer" and click "Flatten".Then the layers stick together, and you can freely save a snapshot.

As you can see, change the background in Photoshop is not difficult.If desired, you can "play" with the other settings, such as brightness or color correction to your figure on a new background looked the most natural.