How and why monitor CPU temperature

Overheating your computer can cause serious damage to some of the important elements placed inside the system unit.It is therefore important to regularly monitor the CPU temperature.

most common causes of overheating:

1) high dust content;

2) insufficient cooling;

3) failure of some coolers;

4) positioning system unit within the wooden structures, which entails a lack of ventilation.

situation is exacerbated in the hot season.Therefore, it must be remembered that the regular execution of such a simple procedure, which is to monitor CPU temperature, can significantly extend the life of your computer.Assist in the implementation of controls are designed specially created program.They were there a great multitude, which greatly complicates the choice of one of them, so you should familiarize yourself with the most popular.

So, the five contenders for the title "Best CPU temperature monitoring program."

1. Real Temp.Very easy to check option, because it does not require installation.However, the application is well "feels" the only processor family Intel.The data obtained as a result of checks, the most reliable.A very useful feature is the automatic shutdown in case of overheating, which can help in some cases to prevent serious damage.Of the additional features present test performance.

2. Core Temp.Unlike the previous, this program conducts and monitors the temperature of the CPU Amd.The application supports a large number of modern "iron", which makes it almost universal.After installation, the application is to the right in the system tray, which behaves quietly.In case of overheating the user will be warned a special message.

3. SpeedFan.This application already has come a long evolutionary path, because it is one of the pioneers in the segment.In addition to its primary function, SpeedFan reads the data on the frequency, the speed of the coolers and so on. D. It can speed up the rotation of the fan for the best CPU cooling.

4. PC-Wizard.This program provides for a whole range of different options, which monitors the temperature of the processor is not the main problem.You can use it to carry out testing of existing equipment.The program is suitable for those users who love to get accurate data about all the elements of the system.

5. Temp Taskbar for Windows 7. As the name suggests, the application is designed for the new generation of programs shells from Microsoft.The main and only goal - to control temperature.Very interesting it implemented a system of notification of this parameter value.When allowable temperatures stain application taskbar desktop green when it has exceeded the threshold - in orange, and in dangerous situations - red.

time spent monitoring the temperature of the CPU and select the appropriate application will pay for itself with a vengeance a reliable and long operation of the system.