How to make homemade sausages?

Almost every one of us from time to time likes to eat the sausage, but the store Product is different special taste, and most importantly, nutritional qualities.Therefore, there can serve as an alternative to the preparation of this dish at home, especially as homemade sausage always turn out delicious, and you can store them in the refrigerator for a long time.It should be noted that the production of sausages is an occupation that requires time and patience, but the end result exceeds all expectations.Consider a few recipes for their preparation.

sausages grilled in Munich

Ingredients: one hundred grams of hard cheese, smoked sausages five greens, two hundred grams of fat.

Sausages cut lengthwise, diced cheese, finely chopped greens.Cheese and herbs are mixed and stuffed with sausage mixture, each of which is wrapped in two slices of bacon and fry on each side of the grill for a few minutes, until the cheese melts.

Homemade sausages

Ingredients: pork or lamb intestines, one kilogram of pork and beef, one hundred grams of garlic, two hundred grams of lard, salt and pepper, and fifty grams of cognac.

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first carefully cleaned and washed gut integrity check them (for this they fill with water).Meat and fat ground in a meat grinder or a knife, add the crushed garlic, salt and spices, brandy.All is well mixed and sent for six hours in a cool place.Over time, the mixture is stuffed intestine and ligated on both sides, forming sausages that bind.Thus, the obtained sausage rings, fry need to be on the hot plate, pre-punctures with a fork in several places.

Homemade sausages pork

Ingredients: two kilos of pork, two cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of salt, half a spoon of pepper (black and fragrant).

Pork meat must be left for two days in the cold.Over time, it cut to twenty grams each, add chopped garlic, salt and spices and stuffed with a mixture of pre-prepared bowel.Sausages on both sides knotted and pierce in several places, so that once the air went out.Then they are boiled, fried or baked.Once they pass the heat treatment, they are taken out, placed on a dish and pour the melted fat so as to cover the meal three centimeters.

Homemade sausages smoked

Ingredients: five hundred grams of pork and beef, two hundred grams of lard, pork intestines, four tablespoons of sugar, one spoonful of black and red peppers, two and a half tablespoons of salt.

cut pieces of meat weighing fifty grams each, rubbed with salt, put in the dishes and take out in a cold place for five days.Then the meat with bacon mince twice, add sugar, salt and spices and put in a cold place for one day.When the time will pass, filled with a mixture of guts, who tied on both sides.

sausages are dried for one week, and then smoked for three days and again dried for one month.Store the product at a temperature no higher than fifteen degrees.

Homemade sausages with onions

Ingredients: one kg of pork, beef, five hundred grams, one hundred grams of onion, three cloves of garlic, salt and pepper.

finely chopped meat is mixed with chopped onion, garlic and spices, mix well, and stuffed pretreated cancer, the two sides tied with string to form sausages.Sausages hang in a darkened place for three days and then smoked for two weeks.It kept the product in a cool dry place.

Sausages Cookies (sweet dessert)

Ingredients: three hundred grams of shortcake, two hundred grams of butter, a cup of sugar, three tablespoons of cocoa, five spoons of milk, one cup of walnuts.

Two-thirds of cookies need to grind in a meat grinder, and the rest - to crumble, mix with cookies milled by adding finely chopped nuts.

put the dishes in the cocoa, sugar and milk, stir, put on fire and bring to a boil.Adding to the resulting mass of butter and cookies, stirred.

on foil or parchment paper and spread the mixture is wrapped in sausage which is put in the refrigerator for several hours.