How to edit video?

Very often PC users there is a question about how to edit video.Especially for these cases is perfect functional freeware tool that allows you to work with three-dimensional video.This tool, combined with a variety of materials at hand can help in the creation of the video.In addition, it is possible to open the rollers already made, in order to view them and convert them into the required format.

program for video processing is an indispensable tool for creating three-dimensional movies at home.For high-quality recording will need a digital camera that has the function of not only photography but also video recording.No need to buy expensive models of digital cameras, as even the most simple device can easily cope with this task in the best way.

Beginners often the question arises: "How to edit video using cameras?"Driving this process is as follows: the device must be secured using holders together in a way that does not interfere with comfortable shooting.The holder device can easily be done by yourself, if it is not available.Fix the camera should be such that they are located next to each other and facing forward.This camera can be placed upside down though, as a program for video editing means that the video clip can be turned to the desired position using a special function.As this program performs StereoMovie Maker.

In the event that uses two identical cameras that have a remote control, there will be an opportunity to make a simultaneous start and stop operation.

StereoMovie Maker software tool to help you find the answer to the question: "How to edit a video?"It is not very difficult to do, since the whole process will be reduced to the following simple things:

  1. need to open the video segments that were shot on the camera, and to determine what kind of video received from the right camera, but some on the left.Thus it is possible, as mentioned above, flip moiety at any position.
  2. should choose the desired format, which will be recorded after editing the resulting video.After you select will only click "Save."

The software makes editing movies with additional features built directly into the utility.In order to get started in the program, to carry out the installation procedure is not required.The user will have to just unpack the archive and run the executable file.Also in the archive will be in the file, which is a guide.The entire interface, and all documentation is presented in English.

If you have a question about how to edit video, then you can download a software tool StereoMovie, which is a great help in this matter.